Tuesday, October 9, 2012

We Are Two For Three

When Lana started Kindergarten this year, I was a little nervous about how she would do, as far as her behavior was concerned.  It has been well documented on here, that she tends to be the more difficult of my three.  She seemed to do fine her two years of pre-school, but that was still not all week long.  I was worried that being in school five straight days would eventually lead her to become comfortable with her surroundings to the point of allowing herself to let go like she does at home.  You know, in other words, tantrums and fighting. 

Because there are so many kids in her class, the teacher uses a behavior chart for the kids.  Everyone starts out on green if someone misbehaves they have to change their  card to blue, then yellow, then red.  If you stay on green all day you get a stamp on your hand.  The first week of school Lana came home every day with her hand stamped.  I didn't get too excited at first, after all the novelty was bound to wear off.  However, after a couple weeks of staying on green all day, I thought perhaps she would be okay in school.  Then I went to her classroom to volunteer and watched first hand her behaving as one of the best kids in the class.  HOW?  How was she SO good at school, yet at home could be such a pain in the ass, not listen to one word I say, while leaving scratch marks on her baby sisters arm??  It seemed I had an entirely different kid than the one I saw at school. 

Then, a couple weeks ago we received a letter in the mail from the school informing us that Lana would be receiving a Star Student award at school.  I read it twice to make sure I had the right child, but it did indeed say Lana.  Yes, Lana!!  Those of you who have been reading this blog from the beginning might remember that Sonya also got a Star Student award in Kindergarten.    They give out different awards like "Enormous Effort", "Academic Achievement", or the one Sonya had been given, "Positive Peace Builder."  The letter didn't mention which one Lana would be awarded with so I would just have to go and find out.

The school always keeps the awards a secret  from the kids until the presentation. This way they don't know they are getting an award. Then they get to the auditorium for the ceremony, spot their parents and know something is up.  Lana, however, suspected nothing, because Friday was my day for volunteering in her class, so I was already there.  Andy, unfortunately, was on a plane to Rhode Island for his High School reunion, so sadly he missed it.  

Lana sat in her seat and clapped and cheered for the other kids getting their awards, unsuspecting.  Then last, but certainly not least, her name was called.  And wouldn't you know, she got "Positive Peace Builder" just as her sister had three years before.  Lana! A peace builder!  Who would have thought?  Certainly not me.  She was definitely surprised and stood next to the other kids holding up her award with a smile about five miles wide.  

I was so proud of her and how far she has come, even in the past year.  The truth is, she still has some issues at home, but she is so much better than she used to be.  The tantrums aren't as frequent anymore. She can be reasoned with more often, and to be honest, she listens better than her sisters most days.  Although she still has her moments. You know, in places like Disneyland.  But hey it's okay to lose it every now and then though.  Can't say I don't do the same.  (Especially when my husband goes away for the weekend when I'm PMSing and my daughter forgets to put shoes on for a lunch out and I get mad than necessary about it.  But that's a story for another day.)  

So, now that I have not one, but TWO kids who were awarded with being Peace Builders at school, it begs the question; why the hell is there still fighting on an hourly basis in my house?? 

So proud of herself!