Sunday, October 14, 2012

Raising Southern California Girls

Thursday evening I was trying to hurry and get dinner ready so I could get the girls and I to a PTA meeting at the school.  It had been a nice Los Angeles fall day with clouds and even a little rain.  We don't get rain often except in January and February.  It's unheard of during the summer months and rare during the fall.  So my girls aren't really used to it.  As I was rushing around Sonya said to me,

"Why are do we have to hurry?"

"Because we have the PTA meeting in 45 minutes, remember?" I told her.  

"Yeah, but it's raining," she said.

"And...?" I asked.

"Well, are they still going to have the meeting or will it get cancelled?" She asked.

I looked at her confused and asked, "Why on earth would they cancel it?"

"Because it's raining!"

Yes, she seriously said that. 

 Maybe we need to travel back east more than once every two years.

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