Wednesday, October 31, 2012

From Pumpkins to Jack-o-Lanterns

Sunday afternoon the girls carved pumpkins, and Andy and I helped out.  We always have them draw their own face on one, then we help them cut it out.  This year Sonya did her jack-o-lantern completely on her own and it looks pretty awesome. How is she old enough to wield a knife on her own?? The younger two drew their faces.  Lana carved most of hers with a bit of help from me.  Andy just took over the knife from Georgia.  We didn't need any ER visits right before Halloween.  He did follow her drawing though.  So here is how they came out:

Sonya, Lana, and Georgia

In the process of carving

I let Lana take my picture and it's only on here, because it's not that bad!
Displaying their work
Have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone!  Don't forget to check your kids candy for razor blades!  Or was that only when we were kids?

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