Friday, October 5, 2012

Red, Red Wine

Every time a family member or friend has a birthday and I send them a card and I have the girls sign it too.  They always draw some pictures of their own inside the card of girly things like hearts, rainbows or perhaps flowers.  Sometimes Sonya will switch it up if someone's birthday is around a holiday. October birthdays might have  pumpkins, or if you have a birthday in March you might see some Shamrocks in your card.   My sister, Beth, celebrated her birthday last Thursday and I had to wait until she received her card before I shared what my oldest daughter drew on the inside...

She's quite the artist that one.  Not sure what holiday she thinks Beth's birthday is near. I know this picture makes it seem otherwise, but I SWEAR I don't drink wine every day.  Only the days that I have to take care of three kids.

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