Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Noticing the Differences

Tuesdays are turning into a- crazy I'm only home for a minute here and an hour there for the girls naps and maybe for a snack and then we are back out again for something else-kind of day. I would love to write about Lana starting preschool today, but I don't have the time for a post that long. Instead I'll give you this gem she gave us two days ago.

Sunday afternoon we went across the street to our neighbor's pool, since it was the last hot day we are going to have for a while. A little side note-Can I just tell you how great it is to have neighbors who have a pool? A NICE pool even. And they like us and tell us to come over ANYTIME. It's even better than having your own pool. Forget all the expense of putting your own pool in! Just move across the street from people who already have a pool. Only, they have to be nice people. I'd just like to say how incredibly awesome Kelly and John are for letting us swim over there all summer. Not to mention all the free babysitting they do. Since we don't have much in the way of family out here, having great neighbors helps out a lot. Thank you Kelly and John! And now back to my story.

We were all standing on the steps of the pool easing our way into the water. Now keep in mind we've been swimming at the pool, and going to the beach all summer. Not to mention, Andy walks around the house without a shirt on quite often, so it's not like Lana has never seen his chest. However, for some reason, she just noticed he didn't look the same as me. So she looked at him and said,

"Who cut off you big boobies?"

I kind of half heard what she was asking and Andy must have too, because he told her to repeat it.

"Who cut off you big boobies?" She asked him again.

That is when I burst into laughter. Then Andy calmly explained that he was a boy, and boys don't get boobies like girls do. Well most boys anyway. That is a different discussion for when she is older.

"Oh, okay," she said, satisfied with his answer. Then she was ready to swim.

I was still off to the side of the pool giggling for about five minutes. I found her question funny and odd. Funny that she thought Andy had boobies at one point, and apparently they were big in her mind. Odd that she thought someone had cut them off. That part I can't figure out. It might be all those Saw movies I keep letting her watch. Could explain the nightmares too.

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