Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Grocery Shop of Horrors

Ever since Lana started Preschool a couple weeks ago, I've made Thursday morning my grocery shopping day. Why? Because Sonya and Lana are both at school in the morning. This way I only take sweet little Georgia shopping. And can I just say what a treat it has been just taking that little one? She has been so good and sweet. She listens to me and even if she asks to get down she stays next to me and doesn't run around. There is not one minute of whining or crying and I don't even think I've had to break out a snack once. She is SO GOOD when she is by herself. It's amazing. She made it so I don't mind going to the grocery store again.

Then today I did something stupid. I took both her and Lana to the store. I kind of had to because, tomorrow morning Georgia has a Dr appointment and we wouldn't have time. There is no way I'm taking all three of them in the afternoon anymore. I'd rather spend four hours straight strapped to a chair watching Yo Gabba Gabba than do that again. I know some of my mom friends and my sisters swear by going at night alone. I would love to be able to do this, but by the time Andy gets home, I wouldn't get to the store until close to 8pm. The LAST thing I feel like doing after a long day with the girls is go grocery shopping. No thanks. Besides, the new fall season just started and I'm already backed up on my DVRd shows. I need my TV time! So yes, I had no choice. They both came with me.

From the moment they sat in the little race car part of the shopping cart, they started to fight. Then we got some lunch meat and the samples from that kept them quiet for a minute. Soon Georgia wanted out to walk. Fine. At least they wouldn't be fighting. She was good for bit until Lana got out. I managed to reign them back into the seated part of the shopping cart with snacks of apples and peanut butter crackers. Unfortunately, that only lasted about 3 aisles and then the, "I wanna get down!!" whines started again. I managed to hold them off until we got to the end of our trip at the produce area. They wanted to "help" so there was no more putting it off. I let them got down.

At first they were okay and I kept them busy with giving them things to put in the cart. Soon they were finding their own things to put in the cart. Then they ran over to where the apples and plums were stacked and started picking out fruit to eat. Right then. I will admit, I've let them do this in the past. I know, I'm a horrible terrible parent. Today, I didn't though. They had already had enough snacks and lunch was around the corner. Not to mention the produce guy was standing RIGHT THERE. I guess I have to teach them a little bit better about being discreet if they're going to semi steal fruit at the grocery store. Don't worry, even when I do let then have an apple, I always buy a few of that same kind and put their half eaten apple in the bag to pay for what's left. I mean the most we don't pay for is maybe five cents. As much money as I give Ralphs, I doubt they're missing that five cents.

I did my best to keep redirecting them other places, but Georgia was hell bent on eating a piece of fruit. She even got a few to her mouth a couple times before I would grab it, put it back and carry her away. I don't THINK there were teeth marks, but to be honest I'm not sure. Neither one wanted to sit anymore, of course, so I just finished up as quickly as possible. The good thing was there weren't many people at the store at that time on a Wednesday morning, so they weren't really bothering anyone, but me. Still, I'm not happy when they act like that in public. It was clearly Lana running the show. Georgia would just follow her lead. At one point I just gave them the "mad mommy" look as they ran around in circles. Oh! And then I heard the "you've got your hands full" comment from at least two people. Which loosely translates to "You have no control over your children." Can't say at that point I would have disagreed.

Finally we were done, and I was exhausted. Checking out proved to have it's own problems, including them both wanting to help put everything on the conveyor belt, but not being able to reach the food in the basket OR the belt. We eventually made it out of there with all the groceries and both girls sitting back in their original seats.

The amazing thing was, as crazy as they were being, I wasn't getting as frustrated as I usually do with them. I had more patience for some reason. Maybe it's because I hadn't done this with both of them in a few weeks, or maybe because I know I'm not going to deal with them at all for a few days. Whatever happened I liked not feeling so mad at at them. I mean after all they are just being kids. If I don't really like going grocery shopping how can I expect them to love it and behave for over an hour? Although from now on, I am sticking to my Thursday routine when just Georgia and I shopping. I'll make the Pediatrician appointments for the afternoon when I have all three. He's already used to my kids acting crazy.

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