Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cats In the Cradle and the Silver Spoon

Well now she's gone and done it. She's really starting to grow up. Yesterday, the girls were sitting at the breakfast table and Sonya said,

"My tooth hurts."

"What tooth, where?" I asked.

"This one," she said. Then all of a sudden, she yelled,"Hey! I think it's loose!!"

I just thought, yeah right. There was no way she has a loose tooth this soon. I mean there are quite a few kids in her class who have lost teeth, but Sonya never got her first tooth until a week before her first birthday. I remember waiting for her to get teeth for what seemed like FOREVER. Then she sprouted that first one right before her birthday. I thought then she would be ten before she started loosing teeth, because when you get your teeth is linked to when you lose them. At least according to the pediatrician. The longer it takes to get the baby ones, the older you'll be when the permanent ones decide to appear. Makes sense. So last year when all of her friends started getting visits from the tooth fairy I felt bad, because I was sure we were at least a couple years away from that.

I was wrong.

I walked over to where she was sitting at the breakfast table, and said,
"Which one, let me see."

She pointed to the bottom middle left one. The first one that appeared as a baby and sure enough, I could wiggle it back and forth with my finger. I came so close to tears right then I had to turn away. Thanks mom for passing down that overemotional side that wants to burst into tears every time one of my kids hits another milestone.

I swallowed the lump in my throat and matched her excitement with,

"Your RIGHT Sonya! It IS loose! How exciting!"

So for the rest of the day, she kept talking about her tooth and how it was loose and have I seen how she can wiggle it? Would eating make it more lose? Maybe the tooth fairy would bring her prizes or money. Or prizes AND money. Or if not prizes just LOTS of money. Look how loose it is now! It's way more loose than it was in the morning. The tooth fairy brought Lourdes prizes, so she would probably definitely get prizes too.

Didn't we go through this last year? The tooth fairy just brings money. And not LOTS of it. Still, Sonya has other dreams. When that tooth does fall out, I hope she's not disappointed at the dollar she finds under her pillow. I mean I'm all for making your kids happy, but I can't justify giving her birthday or Christmas like presents for losing a tooth. Especially, since there are LOTS more teeth to come. My sister did suggest getting a silver dollar to make it look a bit more special. I will consider that option. I guess I should figure it out soon, although if I remember correctly it takes a week or so for a little wiggly tooth to actually come all the way out. Although, Sonya thinks it's coming out any minute now.

Yup, she's growing up. First it's loose teeth, next it's her period and then she's packing up and going to college. Damnit! Why does time have to move so fast?? Where is the pause button on the life remote control or at least a slow motion one.

Well, mom, looks like I won't handle my kids growing up and moving out any better than you did. Thanks for passing that gene down too.

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