Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Welcome To The Family

Last night, or this morning rather, at 1am, my brother-in-law David called to let us know that he and Brenda were on the way to the hospital. Brenda was in labor with their second baby. I was excited to hear the news. I guess my girls must have sensed something too, because it was at that point that nobody slept for the REST OF THE NIGHT. Lana had woken up earlier in the night, but then she was up at least two or three more times. I'm pretty sure Georgia was awake from 2am until 5am. Then my in-laws were awake at 6am getting ready to leave, which meant everyone else woke up. Yeah it was good times here. I know it may sound like I'm blaming David, but I'm not. Well, not fully. I mean he was only trying to pass on the exciting news. Had he just called my house once instead of both his parents cell phones, which only ring at the level of LOUDEST OF ALL, we might have been okay. I guess he didn't realize they were staying with us their last night here, and thought they were still at the hotel. I also don't blame him because on any given night Lana won't sleep and Georgia will sometimes follow suit, so it could have been just coincidence.

Either way I got no sleep last night, which is always fun the next day. My patience is about ice thin right now and the girls are skating all over it, trying their best to crack it. I just keep counting to ten with deep breaths. Kinda like you do in labor.

It was all for a good reason. David and Brenda had their baby girl, Moira Zabel this morning around 8:30, I believe. She was only in labor for five hours from start to finish. On the one hand I'm wowed by that, and on the other hand, the one that spent twenty plus hours in labor with all three girls, that hand is calling Brenda a bitch right now. But in the most loving way possible I assure you, because I do love Brenda. And she's been a big supporter of this blog from the beginning. Hi Brenda! Anyway-I'm so happy for them that their second baby made it into the world safe and sound, and as a present for her big sister, Brigid, whose birthday happens to be tomorrow.

The other reason I'm okay with my lack of sleep today, is because I know the girls will sleep better tonight. Therefore, I should sleep better tonight. Brenda and David now have a newborn again. They will not have sleep for at least six months. If this baby is like Lana, maybe two years. As much as I sometimes miss those newborn days, I do not envy that kind of sleep deprivation.

Good luck guys and have fun! Now the real craziness begins since you have two. If you have any doubts go back and re-read some of these blogs. Most of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Everything will be great, and I can't wait to see my newest niece. Oh, and really most importantly remember, breast feeding is NOT birth control. Again-if you have any doubts...

An aside to Brenda-I promise I'm okay with you guys calling last night. No worries!


David Dadekian said...

I am calling every night at 1:00 a.m now that we'll be waking up nursing. And then again at 4:00 a.m. to make sure you're all not sleeping.

Kristi said...

Wait-1am my time or your time? Because if it's your time that's totally fine. Except for the 4am your time part. :)

brenda said...

Kristi! Thanks - I think ;)

Sorry to hear about the craziness, but let's say you were doing it in support of us here. I love your family and can appreciate the description you layed out for us. Can't wait to show off the baby and the dark circles under my eyes.

Kristi said...

I'll give you a good concealer for the circles! BTW Moira is adorable! The pictures of her with Brigid are to cute for words.