Monday, February 8, 2010

It's Time to Get Things Started on the Muppet Show Tonight!

I allow the girls to watch TV every day. I know, I'm a horrible mother, but YOU try taking a shower or making breakfast without the help of Elmo or Mickey to entertain three girls. I've mentioned on here before how I allow them to watch some TV. I do try to limit what they watch and how much. It's mostly PBS or Disney with an occasional movie. However, over Christmas, my friend Melinda gave us the 3rd season DVD of the Muppet Show. We have the first season already, and at one point I tried watching it with Sonya, but she wasn't interested. That was over a year ago. It was one of my very favorite shows when I was around her age now, so I thought I'd try again.

She protested when I first went to put it on. She's always worried that whatever I might make her watch will have some sort of monster, or evil witch that will scare her and give her nightmares. So trusting. After I assured her it wasn't scary at all, she reluctantly sat on the couch and watched an episode. To say she liked it, would be an understatement. She's watched at least one episode every day since then. It's her favorite show to watch now. She loves all the Muppets and has learned about some older entertainers including a VERY young, yet still not attractive, Alice Cooper. ALICE COOPER was on the show. As well as Liberace, Gilda Radner, Raquel Welch, the list goes on and on. Plus a few people I have NO idea who they are. I'm sure my parents would.

I realized just how much she liked the show, when I was putting her and her sisters to bed one night last week. She was lying in bed kind of curled up, and I thought something was wrong so I asked her if she was okay. She said she was then she told me,

"I was just having the best dream ever." I'm guessing she was having more of a daydream, since she had not slept yet.

"Oh really?" I asked. "What were you dreaming about?"

"I dreamed I was the guest star on the Muppet Show," she said smiling.

This, I did not expect at all, and since there is no more Muppet Show, wasn't sure what to say. The funny thing is, I know this was a dream of mine as a kid too. Only, by the time I was old enough there was no more show. But who's to say they won't revive the Muppet Show sometime in her generation. I did hear Hawaii Five-O is coming back. Why that show, I don't know, but the Muppets could be a possibility. So I just said,

"Well, that's a good dream to have. You never know, you just might end up being the guest star someday." This seemed to satisfy her.

Okay, so she's not learning the same things as she would from watching Super Why or Word Girl on PBS. However, she is learning about comedy and music, and the elements of an actual good kid/adult show. I mean I certainly don't watch everything educational. Or anything, really. Well, except for The Universe, which hurts my head when I do watch it, but I digress. There just aren't great shows for kids her age anymore. Once she leaves the Micky/Elmo stage of her life, which we are heartbeats away from, what does she have? Hannah Montana and The Suite Life? For those of you who don't know these shows, you don't want to. I thought Saved by the Bell was bad. These shows are terrible, and this is what she's supposed to watch next.

I know soon enough her friends will drag her over to the Hannah Montana side of things, but until then I'd rather her stick with the Muppets. Maybe she can even influence her friends to watch the Muppet Show instead. She is rather persistent. Knowing Sonya, she'll be the one to revive the show someday. Then she'll definitely get to guest star. Hell, maybe they'll even let me.

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