Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Baby Boom Decade

Today is an important day in my life and the life of this blog. Without it, I wouldn't be here. Today is my mom's 59th birthday. The original mom who didn't get to poop in peace for 25 years. I know you're probably wondering, why so long? Well, because my youngest sister is seven years younger than I am, and because even as teenagers mom didn't get to poop in peace. For some reason we thought it was okay to go and have chats with mom, while she did her business. I know I just grossed half of you out, while the other half of you totally know what I'm saying. I guess we thought this was okay, because we'd been hanging out in the bathroom with her since we were born, much like my girls have with me. I can assure you, I would NEVER do this now.

Originally, I planned on making this post about how I learned about being a great mom, from my mom, but then I thought, "then what will I write about on Mother's Day?" So instead, I thought I'd help my mom look back on the past decade of her life, as she heads into the last year of her 50s.

When my mom started her 50s, my sisters and I weren't married and there were no grand kids. Which was good, since none of us were married, but bad because she REALLY wanted grand kids. We all knew it. The mailman knew it. I'm pretty sure my mom wanted grand kids since my father had his vasectomy after Megan was born. Since I'm the oldest, and was only seven at the time, this meant a bit of a wait for her. Especially if she didn't want pregnant teenagers. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say she didn't. However, the moment I graduated from college she was ready for my wedding and baby. Me on the other hand, not so much. So, she would have to wait a bit longer.

The day before her 49th birthday, Andy and I got engaged and it was game on for her. She waited until after we were married, before she started dropping the baby hints, but not much after. Beth was married the year after I was. I seem to recall a story of my mom hinting to Beth while trying on wedding dresses, that it would still fit, even if she was a little pregnant. She wasn't, but my mom was chomping at the bit. I think she thought her chances were better with Beth having a baby first since I live out in Los Angeles, where people wait until they're 48 to have babies. Fortunately for her, I wasn't willing to wait that long.

In the past nine years my mom has been able to help plan and attend her three daughter's weddings. I believe she cried the most at mine, since I was the first, but she definitely had the most martinis at Megan's. She is the baby after all. But more importantly for her, she now has six, soon to be eight, grandchildren. Both my sisters are pregnant again and I am not, thankfully! I've done my part to help with my mom's grandchildren quota and consider myself done and permanently in the will.

Unfortunately, none of us live that close to our parents, so she doesn't get to see them all as much as she'd like, but we all do what we can. Plus, with the video cameras on computers and sites like Skype, it's made it easier for her to at least see her grand kids on a regular basis. I certainly wish we all lived closer. My mom is a great Nona, and the girls love her. Not to mention her cooking and cleaning skills when she comes to visit! I would love for my parents to drop by for a weekend to see the girls without the hassle of airplanes. It would be nice for us to go visit them more easily too. Sadly that is just not the way life is right now. Maybe someday. Since her 50s seemed to be about getting the grandchildren, maybe her 60s can be about getting them closer to Florida. Concentrate on that mom. Your grand baby vibes seemed to work pretty well.

Hope you have a fabulous birthday mommy! I love you and miss you!


Megan said...

Mom and Dad told me I didn't even need to worry about being engaged.. just start working on the grandkids... ha! Happy Birthday Mom!

Anonymous said...

Awww. Happy Birthday, Mom. (and why didn't I know Beth was pregnant??) Hmph.


Kristi said...

You didn't, Beth? I could have sworn I told you. Sorry! I guess it's hard to keep track since someone is always pregnant.

brenda said...

HAppy Birthday, Mrs. Taylor!

Tim Taylor said...

I MADE THE BLOG!!!! Sob, sob, sob. Thanks Kristi. I love and miss you too.