Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hula Hooping Hot Shot

Sonya gets a twenty minute recess everyday during school. She gets to eat her snack, and play on a little playground they have just for the kindergartners. There are a few hula hoops for the kids to play with as well. Evidently, her friend Gwen has been teaching her and the other girls how to hula hoop, and she talks about it from time to time. Last week she started really talking herself up about how great she was doing with it. Andy told her next time he was home he wanted to see it.

Friday night he came home from work and the girls were still up. He remembered about the hula hooping and told Sonya to show us how much she knew. She grabbed her hula hoop and did her best to keep the ring around her, but it fell to the ground after a very short period of time. She kept trying and she did manage to keep it going here and there but not for very long. Andy got up to try to show her how to do it, but as it turns out he wasn't much better than she was. So I got up and said,

"Let MOMMY show you how to do it."

Now I'm not here to brag, because there are not a whole lot of things that I'm great at in the physical activity/coordination department. I was never an athlete in high school, and always did horrible in gym class when we would have volleyball and softball. I was a cheerleader, but even in doing that, it would take me a few tries more than others to get the routines down. However, for some reason when it comes to the Hula Hoop, I do happen to be pretty damn good.

I stood up and held the hoop around me then swung that thing around my hips, and kept it going until I decided to stop. Then I attempted to give Sonya few tips to keep it going around her bitty hips for more than four seconds. She tried a few more times and seemed to do better, but it will still take some practice on her part to get it.

Lana had been sitting watching us the whole time and then decided she wanted to get in on the action.

"I want a turn!" She yelled, when I was trying to teach Sonya.

"Okay, Lana. Come on," I said.

She hopped off the couch and picked up the hula hoop. She held it, like I had shown Sonya, with her arms holding up the hoop on either side of her body and against her back. She kind of swayed side to side still holding it, reluctant to let go. Then she stopped, looked over at Andy and said,

"I don't know how to do this."

We all giggled at her and then Andy said back to her,

"I like you're honesty, Lana."

I tried to swing the hula hoop around her, but she really didn't have any idea what she was doing, and it fell to the ground. Lana decided she didn't need to try it again, and climbed back on the couch to watch the expert.

My girls can throw a baseball better than I can, so it helps for me to be better than them at something in the physical activity department. Maybe at some point the girls (and Andy) will figure out how to keep the hoop up, but for now I'll keep my, "best hula hooper in the the Dadekian household" title.

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