Friday, January 8, 2010

The Pottytrain is Halfway to Lanaland

I decided earlier this week that it was time to really concentrate on getting Lana out of diapers.  Yes, since I've tried unsuccessfully with her twice already, I figured third time's a charm.  Plus she'll be three in March and this is about when I trained Sonya.  I haven't said anything up to this point on here, because it seems to be going really well and I was afraid of jinxing myself  I'm feeling more safe now since it's been a few days.  I was worried Lana was going to be my more challenging of the three, because well, she's more challenging.  However,  I may have underestimated her.  In some ways she's been easier to train than Sonya.  Here's how it's gone so far.  

Day 1-I told her we were going to try wearing big girl underwear and put some on her.  She was very excited about it.  For those of you who have potty trained recently or are going to potty train and are wondering about pull-ups, no I don't use them.  Why? Because they don't work, that's why.  Great-they can pull them up and down by themselves, but that doesn't stop them from peeing or pooping in them since, they FEEL LIKE A DIAPER.  Just my opinion, but yeah, that's what I realized with Sonya.  Now, they are good for a nighttime or napping option, because it is sometimes harder to get them to stop peeing while sleeping.  If you don't want to change sheets twice a night, they are a good idea.  Other than that, no.  

 I put the big girl pants on her and explained she had to keep them dry.  She seemed to get it more this time around.  I was making her pee every 20 minutes or so, but she drinks a bunch in the morning. So, there was a point where she had three accidents within 20 minutes.  The good news is she told me when she did it.  Well, actually she came to me and told me she had to pee as the dark wet spot was forming on her jeans.  No biggie!  Change everything and move on.  She did go in the potty a few times that day and, AND the BEST part was that she pooped in the potty!  On the FIRST DAY!  Sonya held it for three days, because she was so scared of doing it.  Already, I felt ahead of the game.  

Day 2-NO accidents all day.  None, zero, zip!  We even went to Target and she didn't have any.  On the flip side, pooping in the potty must have freaked her out a bit the day before, because she didn't do it at all the second day. She's a regular kind of gal, if you know what I mean, so she should have gone.  

Day 3-We did a bit of a back slide and had three pee accidents, but also three poops in the potty.  Must have been all that was stored up from the day before.  Now if I could only combine this day with day 2...

Day 4-Well, we're still in the middle of the day, but so far, so damn good!  No accidents, one poop in the potty and we even went to her gymnastics and Georgia's  for almost 2 hours.  Of course, I didn't really give her all she usually has to drink this morning.  Maybe I cheated a little, but I wasn't up for taking chances going to gymnastics.  I was pretty sure the other moms wouldn't look to kindly if my daughter peed in a puddle on the trampoline.  I didn't want to put her in a diaper and confuse her, so I chanced it and it paid off. Right before lunch she came to me frantically declaring she had to pee.  This time her jeans were dry and ALL the pee ended up in the toilet.  At this moment she's napping with her underwear and a diaper over top.  Again the sleep peeing takes a bit more time to control, but I'm so okay with that.  I'm even okay with the pee accidents if the poop at least makes it to the potty at this point. 

So as it seems to be turning out, Lana  may not be the most difficult with everything, which makes me extremely happy.  This also makes me extremely nervous, because that could mean my easiest, GG, may end up being the most difficult to potty train.  Isn't there usually one?  Then again perhaps not.  Perhaps this is just good karma coming back to me for the blurry year I went through juggling three kids under the age of 4.  Although, maybe I shouldn't get to excited, because Lana isn't completely there yet.  I guess, I could have waited another week to write this post.   I was just so very excited to share with everyone the fact that I only have to change one kid's diaper right now!  ONE!  The only thing better than one is none.  Soon enough, my friends, soon enough.  Only then you'll have to hear me cry about how I have no more babies.  There really isn't ever a time you feel "settled" in this job, is there?  Crap.

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