Friday, September 18, 2009

Weekend Getaway

I'm going away this weekend with the girls.  Not MY girls, but my girlfriends.  The girls I can drink with and say the F word around without having it come back to haunt me.  We're headed to Palm Springs for a weekend of relaxation and massages.  The best part is I get to SLEEP IN!  And, AND I get to do what I want when I want without any one asking me for a drink, or something to eat, or something to watch.  No, I get to worry about nobody but myself for the weekend and it's going to be FABULOUS! I don't even care that it's going to be 107 there this weekend.  It could be 150, and as long as I was kid free, and I'd walk around naked with SPF 100 on with a smile on my face.  I so desperately need to get away and recharge.  I thank my awesome husband who will be taking on my role, all on his own this weekend.  I totally trust him to take great care of the girls, and NOT lose my backpack this time.  However, I couldn't leave without writing a little something on here to get you through the weekend.  

I've been preparing the girls all week for my being gone for a couple days.  I keep telling them to, "be good for Daddy" and telling Sonya to," be a good big sister and help out."  Last night as I was tucking them in for the night I was reminding them again about how they were going to get a special weekend with just Daddy, and Mommy would be gone.  As I was turning out the light in their room Sonya said to me,


"Yes, girly," I replied.

"It's just not the same without you around," she sweetly told me.  

I stopped in my tracks for minute and resisted the urge to cry and cancel my trip.  Then I came to my senses and said,

"Thank you sweetie.  I appreciate that and I'm going to miss you all a lot too, but I'll be back on Sunday and you'll have lots of fun with Daddy." 

"Ooookaaay," she said.  "Can I have another kiss and hug."

"Of course!"  I walked back over to her bed, gave her a kiss and a big hug.  As much as I want to get away and have some non-mommy time, I know I'm going to spend half the weekend missing them terribly.  Damn kids!  They drive you crazy, but as soon as you're not around them all you can do is think about them and hope that they're okay.  Just one of the many trials of being a mom.  On the other hand-I am going AWAY!!  For an ENTIRE weekend!  With NO KIDS!!!  WOO-HOOOOOOO!!!  


brenda said...

Kristi, you earned it! Enjoy!

Tim Taylor said...

Just a little taste (very early) of what it will be like when they go away to college, Kris. Have I ever told you how I felt the day I left you at Emerson in 1992?

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