Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Taking Things Literally

Yesterday I took the girls to the mall in the afternoon, because I had to do something with them, besides sit inside and play.  We shouldn't really go outside still, since it's been snowing ash for about a week now.  YAY L.A.!  Anyway- we were in Macy's and I was pushing the double stroller where the two little girls were sitting, and Sonya was holding onto the handle walking alongside.  This is our usual formation.  An older woman walked by, looked at the girls, then at me, smiled and said the one thing everyone LOVES to say to me,

"Well, don't you have your hands full!"

I smiled back at her and admitted I did.  After we were a few feet away Sonya turned to me a bit exasperated and said, 

"Why does everyone ALWAYS say that to you?  You don't have your hands full!" And she gestured to my hands, which at the time were full of pushing the stroller which she was holding on to.  

I just laughed and said, "It's an expression, peanut.  It just means that mommy is really busy with you and your sisters."   Oh, if she only knew...

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Anonymous said...

Too cute! Love hearing their literal brain work.