Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tattling on Daddy

So.  I'm back from my lovely, relaxing, partying, no kid weekend in Palm Springs.  It was fabulous and everything I hoped it would be.  I spent the day yesterday just trying to get back into this reality and it was hard, so forgive me for not writing.  All the sleeping in, then the not sleeping in kinda threw me.  But here I am, and of course I have a story for you from the weekend.  

First off, let me give you some background information on what's known in our house as Sunday Cereal.  Basically, it's the sugariest of all sugar cereal.  You know-Cap'n Crunch, Cocoa Pebbles, Fruit Loops or the one we currently have, Cookie Crisp.  I don't give these cereals to my kids during the week.  They are a special treat for the weekend only, which is how Andy and I had them as kids also.  Hence the name Sunday (sometimes Saturday) Cereal.  

I had been checking in with Andy throughout the day on Saturday, either by phone or text.  I was headed to the hotel spa to get my massage and facial later in the afternoon.  (Yes, I live a VERY charmed life.)  I texted Andy to let him know I would be out of touch for a while, and he assured me everything was going well.  On my way into the spa I got a phone call from home.  Of course, I immediately assumed the worst, as you all know that I do.  I missed the call, but saw there was a message on my phone.  This happened during my "tour" of the spa, and I kept seeing signs EVERYWHERE telling you not to be rude and turn off your damn phone.  So I half payed attention to the tour fearing the worst, and anxiously waited until I was given my locker, so I could pull out my phone and check the message.  When I finally do, I hear Sonya's voice, who for some reason, always sounds sooo much younger on the phone.  The message was two and a half minutes long.  I will spare you the entire speech, because she did end up repeating herself, but this is a good part of it:

"MOMMY!  Daddy gave Lana SUNDAY CEREAL FOR LUNCH!!" There was a  long pause followed by an exasperated sigh.  "He just gave Lana cereal for lunch.  You know the special cookie cereal?  You can't have that for lunch it might make you SICK!"  Then I hear Andy yelling in the background,

"Who are you on the phone with?" I know full well he's the one who dialed me and gave the phone to Sonya so she could complain, but it was still funny.

Sonya answered him, "It's mommy, I'm telling her something."  Then back to the phone, "Daddy just doesn't know better.  He just gave her Sunday cereal for lunch!  No peanut butter and jelly, nothing, but you can't do that because it can make you sick!"  This goes on for a while and then she tells me in the end that she "really really really, wants me to tell Daddy that he can't do that."  Eventually, she gets distracted by something else and the message just ends.  

So there I am standing in the spa with the phone to my ear, trying hard to control my laughing. People start staring because I'm disturbing their "tranquil" experience with my chuckling, while holding a cell phone!  The horror!  I put my phone away, change and head to the room where I wait for my masseuse.  The whole time I can't help but replay the message in my head and giggle to myself.  It was the perfect amount of kid time for my day.

It was so nice to get away and not deal with the day to day of taking care of the girls, but it was nice to come home too.  They were so excited to see me and I was happy to see them.  I also love that Sonya came to me when she thought Andy was doing, "something mommy would not do", when he gave Lana the cereal for lunch.  Yes, being away helped me feel more relaxed and made me appreciate being home that much more.  Although, I ALWAYS miss the sleeping in.  

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