Monday, September 14, 2009

Potty Mouth

At some point in time, I believe all little kids will say a bad word.  It's inevitable, especially in today's society.  It's not like the fifties where people would whisper the word "damn".  I hear the middle school kids cursing like crazy.  I do my best to keep my potty mouth in check when the kids are around, but even if Andy I and do, there are plenty of people at the grocery store, mall, beach, you name it, who don't.  Although for the most part, kids do repeat things heard from their parents.  Yes, I admit, that I tend to talk like a truck driver sometimes, but I do every thing to NOT talk like that around them.  I even make up nonsensical words that start with an "F" or a "Sh".  Most of the time it's the words you use like, "crap" or "damn", that make it into your kids vocabulary. Those words aren't quite as bad, so you don't monitor yourself with them as often as the bigger, badder ones.  That's what I had to worry about with Sonya.  She would say "crap" from time to time.  Then there was the one time she called a kid, "jerk".  You realize, however, that those are not so great for a two or three year old to be saying either.  So you start making up more nonsensical words to replace them.  Sometimes there's just no getting around it.  They say a bad word.  Hopefully, you aren't around a bunch of people when it happens.  And hopefully it's not a very bad word.   Of course Lana would be the one to say the "big one".  The mother of all bad words.  Yes, the F dash dash dash word.  Luckily we were at home, and I am here to promise you she did NOT hear it from me.

Last night she and Andy were playing her favorite game.  It's a version of Candy Land for kids her age.  It has gingerbread men cards with different colored shapes that fit into them.  Each player takes turns taking a shape that is dealt, and trying to match it on his gingerbread man.  The first one to fill in all their shapes wins.  It's really cute and she's gotten good at it.  Plus she's learned her shapes and colors because of that game.

It came to be her turn and she popped out the next shape, picked it up, and tried to match it to the open shape spaces on her man.  

"Nope, nope, nope, nope," she said, as she looked to fit it in to each one.  Then... she said THIS...

"Oh F*ck!" After which she put the piece back where it came from.  Andy and I looked at each other, then at her, and Andy said,

"What did you say, Lana?"  She looked at him and said again,

"Oh F*ck!"

I had to pick the pillow up off the couch and cover my face, because I, of course, did the one thing you're not supposed to do in the situation.  I laughed my ass off.  It was too funny.  Andy asked her what she was trying to say, thinking surely she was saying the wrong word and she just looked at him blankly, as if to say, "you heard me, what's the problem here?"  Then we both regained our composure, acted as if nothing happened, and Andy took his turn in the game.  

We can't figure out if that was the word she was trying to say, or if it was something she just sorta made up.  Earlier that day she had been walking around saying made up words that rhymed with that one. I thought at the time I heard that one among them, but just ignored it.  The thing is, she just seemed to pick the right word to use at the right time, so we have no idea how that came about.  Andy doesn't say that around them and neither do I, so who knows.  

The good news is she hasn't said it again and I'm hoping she doesn't.  But, knowing Lana, if she does say it again, it probably WILL at be the grocery store, the mall or the beach.  

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brenda said...

OK, after your previous post, this one made me laugh! Oh boy!