Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gone Fishin'

I've mentioned before that Andy is the "fun" parent.  By that I mean he's the one who plays the games and does silly things with the girls.  Not that I don't do that too, but that's what he does when he spends time with them.  I spend all my time with them, so I am the one who takes care of their needs.  Eating, dressing, bathing, keeping them alive.  Little things like that.  I try to have fun with them when I can, and we do play together as a family. For the most part, however, the girls know how to play Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders because of Daddy.  A while ago he taught Sonya how to play Go Fish, but it was always hard for Sonya to hold the cards.  He found these great card holders for kids online and they came last Thursday.  He got one for Lana too, although she had never played before.  On Friday evening it was her turn to learn.

Andy got home VERY early from work on Friday.  When I mean early, I mean he was home at 5pm.  This NEVER happens in our house and when I pulled up in the driveway with the girls, after getting their hair cut, we realized Daddy's car was in front of us.  The girls were excited that DADDY WAS HOME!  Yay Daddy!  Daddy will play with us!!!  I was excited as well, because it meant he could split the nighttime duties with me. Yay, Daddy!  Daddy will help me!! Although,  I was mostly excited because it meant I'd get to my glass of wine sooner.  

So, we went in the house and after some very enthusiastic hellos and "what are you doing heres", the "PLAY WITH US!!!!" started.  I, being the funkiller that I am,  told them we had to have dinner and baths first.  They begrudgingly agreed.  After they were all ready for bed and the baby was down for the night, Andy decided they would play Go Fish with the new card holders.  First he was playing with Sonya, but then Lana wanted in on the action, of course.  She had never played before, so he gave her the cards and holder and helped her along.  I stood in the doorway of the living room and kitchen just watching it all play out and it was the cutest damn thing I ever saw.  Here's how it went:

Sonya would say, "Lana do you have any Mickey 4's?"  (They were playing with a Disney character deck-big surprise.)

She would look at her cards.  At first Andy helped her, but he didn't really need to, because she seemed to get it right away.  Then Lana would say,

"Yes, I dooooo," and hand over two cards.  

Then Sonya would thank her and ask for another card and Lana would say, 

"Yes, I don't. Go fiss!" 

When it was Lana's turn to ask for cards she wasn't quite as sure what she was doing, so Andy would whisper to her,

"Ask sissy if she has any Minnie 2s."

Lana would look over at Sonya and in a whisper say, "Sissy, do you have any Minnie 2?"  

Andy would tell her not to whisper and she'd ask the question again in a normal voice.  Every time Andy would whisper to her, though, she would start the question in a whisper.  I just sat in the doorway quietly giggling taking it all in.  

Lana ended up winning that first game.  They played again throughout the weekend and the same scenario would play out.  It was just as amusing every time.  Not to mention the fact that it kept them from fighting for at least 10 minutes.  I mean what else could a mom ask for?  

 Andy does such a great job at teaching them the games and playing with them.  I'm hoping he can work his way up to teaching them poker so someday we can take them to Vegas to win some big money.  Until then I guess we'll stick with Go Fiss.  Besides, I'm not sure they would allow card holders at the high stakes table.  

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brenda said...

Cute story! I heard about these from Julia, but I liked your reinactment(sp?)!