Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sing, Sing a Song

My girls love music and love to sing.  They even like to make up their own songs and their own words to songs, most of the time.  Andy's a Weird Al fan, so there are a few of his songs on our mix CDs.  Surprisingly, most of them aren't so bad for kids, and much more tolerable, then "kid" music, which I refuse to play in my car.  I guess I wasn't too surprised then, when Sonya made up her own-um- interesting words to a song she hears on one of the Baby Einstein DVDs.
I forget which DVD it is, but one of them has a song that plays to the tune of, "The Farmer in the Dell", but the words are:
"The cow gives us milk, the cow gives us milk, hi ho the dairy-o the cow gives us milk!  The chickens give us eggs..." and so on.  

Sunday afternoon, Andy and I were watching a little football, or rather Andy was obsessing over which of his fantasy players was doing well, and I was trying to sit for five minutes.  Georgia was napping and the two older girls were playing in their room.  We could hear Lana singing, "The cow gives us milk", and she sounded so cute.  Not to be outdone, Sonya decided to sing as well, only she decided to come up with her own words to the song.  I think having just gone to the bathroom five minutes before was inspiration for her.  At first I wasn't sure if I heard her right when I heard the singing, so I called from the living room,

"Sonya, what are you singing?"  I looked over at Andy to get his attention for what was to come.  She giggled for a minute, and then loud enough for us to hear, started belting out her new tune.  

"The butt gives us poop, the butt gives us poop, hi ho the dairy-o the butt gives us poop!!"

Andy and I looked at each other and started laughing.  "Nice song, Sonya," I called out to her.  She laughed again and went back to playing, and singing her new and improved song.  Looks like the Weird Al songs are having more of an impact than I thought.

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