Monday, April 22, 2013

The Gifts That Keep on Giving

The morning of my birthday the girls gave me some presents they had made.  They had worked hard on them for a couple of day before and were excited to present me with them.  I swear they get just as excited for my birthday or Andy's as they do for their own.  I took a pictures of a few of my favorite things they gave me to share with you.

This first one is from Georgia.  It's a garden and the family.  Only she forgot to draw herself, so it's only four people.  Awww Georgia!  The picture underneath are the stickers she made for me.  They have tape on the back so I can wear them.  The one on the right is a Target sticker, in case you weren't sure.  

This next gift was great.  Lana gave me something I've needed for a long time.  It a TV show about talking cats!  Complete with remote.  You know in case I get tired of the talking cats show.  

These next two are from Sonya.  This first one is a pretty flower she drew for me.  She has been drawing these type of flowers quite a bit lately.  I love them.  So creative.  The only flowers I could/can draw are daisies.  

Then there is this one.  Yes, my oldest daughter got me a bottle of wine for my birthday.  Not only that, but a purple bottle of wine she called "Purple Pansy Wine".  Purple is my favorite color.  Does she know me or what?

If you can't read the bottom of the glass it says, "and I could never thank her more for her help and love."  I don't know if she made that up or read it somewhere.  I couldn't ask because I was trying to hard to blink back tears.  So sweet.  

I guess I got some pretty great gifts for my birthday.  Although, nothing will ever beat the gift of those three girls.  

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