Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tales From the Kitchen

You may remember about two years ago we made a little movie with the girls called, "The Little Turtle".  It was a crazy weekend where we had to promise treats and ponies to get the girls to do what we wanted.  However, it resulted in a pretty fun little film for all to watch.  Not to long after we did that one, Andy, along with help from the girls, came up with an idea for another little movie.  It took him a while to really get the story down though.  Plus life got in the way, and I wasn't in the mood to be promising treats and ponies again anytime soon.  The last pony took up too much space in our backyard.  Not to mention the smell.  Here we are two years later, and the girls are older and easier to direct, for the most part, so we were all game for trying this again.  

A couple weekends ago, we spent a Sunday filming this next gem you are about to see.  The girls were in fact easier to manipulate without bribing as much.  However, they are still kids acting and damn what a pain!  I have such respect for people who direct kids movies.  You know why some of those movies are so crappy?  Because at some point the direct is like-"good enough!  She halfway smiled, lets move on!!"  You would think that Sonya would have been the easiest since she is the oldest, but it turns out she takes someone, or maybe just Daddy, directing her a little to personally.  We had to stop and give her a couple of breaks.   Georgia would usually do what we wanted, but then she would decided she was over it. Her body would start doing the boneless jelly thing and slide off the couch.  So off we would send her to watch Word Girl for a bit.  Lana, well it turns out Lana might be our little star.  The one who has the most difficult time doing what I ask of her-clean your room, unload the dishwasher-was the one who did exactly what Andy asked her to in this movie.  Sure she would whine, "AGAIN?", when Andy said we had to do the scene one more time.  However as soon as he yelled action she was in it.  There were no tears, no boneless jelly body, nothing but what we asked for.  If she didn't do it the way he told her to the first time, she adjusted and got it quickly the second or third take.  She was so easy!  I was amazed.  Of course she demanded nothing but red M&M's, ten bottles of Fiji water, and two dozen fresh pink roses in her room, but hey, it's small price to pay for great acting.  

We were also fortunate enough to borrow a fancy camera and even a boom mike from a guy Andy works with.  Guess who got to be the boom operator?  My arms were killing me by the end of the day. Good thing I work out.   I also had to be the kid wrangler, prop master,  and craft services.  It was a very long day.  

Andy spent the last two weeks at night editing it and getting it just the way he wanted, which for him is hard, because he's such a perfectionist.  He was finally satisfied with it yesterday and is now allowing me to show it to all of you. Let us know what you think! (Make sure to click the bottom right square to make it full screen.) Without further ado the Dadekians second movie...The Creepy Sandwich.

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