Monday, April 15, 2013

Little Parrot

There are many times while raising kids when you hear your own words come back out through them.  Sometimes it is good and sometimes not so much.  Like when Sonya was almost two years old and yelled the word "Crap" at me once.  I realized in that moment that what  I thought was my innocent word I used to replace my bad words, did not sound so innocent coming from a two year old.  

The other day Georgia and I were in the car on the way to pick Lana up from Kindergarten.  There was a woman in the middle of the street trying to cross to the other side.  This was nowhere near the crosswalk, but in the middle of very busy N. Hollywood in Burbank.  I noticed her, and thought to myself that it wasn't the best thing for her to be doing, but didn't say anything.  I didn't need to because from the back seat I heard Georgia say,

"Dat's not smawt wady!"

I kinda giggled to myself.  This is something I'm sure I have said in a similar situation at some point.  In fact I could hear myself along with her saying the same thing in that moment.  Then she felt the need to point it out to me.  

"Mommy, dat wady is in da middle of da stweet!  Dat is NOT smawt!"

"You're right Georgia," I told her.  "That isn't smart, but you are a smart girl for knowing that." 

Then she said, "Damn, right!"  

What? I guess that word isn't as innocent as I once thought either. But hey!  At least she's repeating some good things!

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