Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Green Eggs and Spider-Man

Georgia is still very much into Spider-Man.   So much so that it was a very Spider-Man Christmas in our house.   A Spider-Man mask, glove and action figure were among the gifts she received this year.  This was something I expected she would have outgrown by now, but nope.  Still loves him.  And I still have NO idea where it came from.  No matter though, because it is damn cute to see a little girl running around in a Spider-Man shirt and sneakers with a sparkly silver skirt, all while wearing boys Spider-Man underoos.  Yup, she got those for Christmas too.

Even though she loves everything Spider-Man, she really has no idea about him, because she's never seen the movies or even a cartoon.   Andy had tried to help her out.  She has a place mat with Spiderman and the villains on it.  Andy told her the names of each of the villains on the place mat, but you know, four year olds can't remember EVERYTHING.  

Last week I asked her to set the table for me, and she got out her Spiderman place mat.  She then held up the place mat and proceeded to tell me who the villains were. 

"Mom, thisht isth da Gween Goblin, and thisth isth Rhino and that one isth Dr. Seuss!"

I looked at her questioningly at that point and she immediately realized her mistake.

"Oh!  No!  I mean....Dr...."

"Dr. Octopus?" I offered, helping her out.  Yes,  I do have some knowledge about Spidey.  Plus I was positive Dr. Seuss was never a villain.  Although, after reading Fox in Sox a couple times in a row, my mouth and tongue  feel like they are being killed.  There could be an argument there.  

"YESTH!  Dr. Octupusth!" She said excitedly.  "Dosth are all da bad guysth."

When she finally gets to watch a Spider-Man movie one day, I think it might be the best day of her life.  

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