Friday, February 1, 2013

A Sweet Ride

Look who got an early birthday present!

I'm so excited to ride it!  

Okay, fine, it's really for Lana.  Even though her birthday isn't until the end of March we decided to get her a new bike now, since Georgia started riding a two wheeler too.  We only have one for them to share and that wasn't going so well.  Since we were planning on getting Lana a new one in March anyway, we just figured we'd get it now.  

Andy ordered it last Saturday and it came on Tuesday.  Lana was over the moon when she saw the box sitting on our porch and immediately wanted to open it.  I, of course, knew it had to be put together and told her she'd have to wait until Daddy got home that night.  We put it together after she want to bed. She was ecstatic on Wednesday morning when she saw it.  

I'll give you one guess why she loves this bike so much.  Is it the cool colors of purple and blue together?  No, because those aren't even her favorite colors.  They are mine, however.  Could it be the tassels or the basket, where she can put her boom box while playing songs from Flashdance?  Oh sorry, that was me when I was eight.  Or course not.  It was that damn seat for her American Girl doll.  As soon as she got up and saw the bike in the morning, the first thing she did was dress her doll and strap her in that seat.  I have to admit, it is kinda cool and I would have given up my basket with my boom box for a doll seat on my bike when I was that age. 

It's a good thing it's only a doll though.  I have a feeling Miss American Girl may be taking a few hits to the concrete when Lana actually gets a chance to ride it.  The bike is just a tad too big for little peanut Lana.  We got her the 16" instead of the 14 because we didn't want her to outgrow it to fast.  Plus the doll carrier bike didn't come in the 14" size.  Lana was willing to sacrifice falling, just to have her doll riding on the back.  

I suppose it's helpful that we live near an AG store, so that if she does get a little too roughed up we can take her to the doll hospital there.  I'm sure that's not ridiculous or expensive at all.  Perhaps I will see if I can convince Lana to take her off until she gets the hang of the new bike.  Then again, this is Lana we're talking about, so perhaps not.  I'll just give the store a call and see how much they charge for dolls with a concussion.  

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