Friday, January 25, 2013

Fun Daddy

Earlier this week I solidified plans to have a Mom's weekend away in Napa at the beginning of March. I'm going with my sister, Beth and one of my great friends from college, Trista.  I was calling it Mom's weekend away.  Trista however, has decided to go with, "Mom's on the loose!"  Either way it's going to be an awesome weekend filled with lots of wine, good food,  massages and the hotel spa, and best of all, no kids around to distract us from our peaceful time.  It's something the three of us need desperately.  I can't wait!  Especially because I almost never get to see my sister, and Trista lives in CO so she doesn't hang out here every other weekend either.  

On Monday night at dinner we started doing our daily, "most favorite, least favorite, most thankful and sorry for" part of the day.  When it came to my turn I said how my most favorite part of the day was booking my tickets to go away with my sister and Trista in March.  

"What?" Sonya asked.  "You're going away?"  

This was news to them, even though I had been working on it for about a week.  They don't pay attention.  

"Yup!"  I told them.  "I love you girls, but sometimes Mommy needs a break.  Plus I don't get to see Auntie Beth or Trista ever, so I wanted to do something with them."

"But who's gonna sthay with usth?" GG wanted to know.  

"Daddy, of course!!" Sonya answered her.  

"Ohhhh Yeaaahhh!" Georgia said.  Sometimes they forget that Daddy can be around when needed.  

Lana immediately became excited.  "YAY!!  Daddy is FUN!!"

"Oh yeah!!" Georgia agreed.  "Daddy IS fun!!  He takes us to Subway, and Rocket Fizz, and IHOP..."

"Yeah!!" Sonya and Lana agreed. 

Awesome.  It's nice to know that they get excited for me to go away because Daddy is more fun.  Something every mother wants to hear.  Although, if fun Daddy was around all the time, it seems they would each weigh about 150 pounds, and probably taking snacks of hot dog buns with chocolate sprinkles to school.   At this point, however,  he can feed them potato chips and devil dogs all weekend.  I get to go to NAPA!!

Only 44 days to go.  

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