Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Not To Be Outdone by Her Older Sister

You always hear about and witness younger siblings doing whatever they can to keep up with the older ones.   God knows, my youngest sister Megan did everything to keep up with Beth and I,  even though she was seven years younger than me and five from Beth.  It is a little different with Georgia, because she is so close in age to Lana.  I have a feeling they might start hitting some milestones around the same time. This is not one I expected though.  

Andy took the girls on Monday up the street to the empty school parking lot to help Lana practice her new bike riding skill, without the hindrance of getting out of the way of cars.   He also wanted to see how far he could get with teaching Georgia.  After all, she has been practicing on the balance bike quite a bit herself.  I thought, however, she was at least another month from pedaling and riding by herself.  Man was I wrong!

Not only did she learn to ride by herself, she learned to turn, start and stop in the short hour they were at the parking lot.  When Andy texted me and told me she was riding by herself, I had no idea how well until he showed me the video the next day.  Not only did she catch up with her sister and learn to ride a bike at basically the same time as her, but she is kinda doing it better.  Although, Lana was improving more as well.  

So as excited as I am to have Georgia pick this up so quickly, it has made me a little worried about what the future will bring as far as outdoing Lana is concerned.  Just the other day I was having Lana read a book to me and as she would sound a word out, Georgia would sometimes jump in and say it.    So far, Lana doesn't seem to care, but who knows how long that will last.  My only hope is that Georgia doesn't go through puberty and get boobs before Lana.  Or even worse, get her period first.  

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