Friday, January 18, 2013

For My Little Sister

This particular blog post is dedicated to my sister, Megan, and her family.  A couple of days ago they had to put their beloved, almost ten year old dog to sleep.  It was very unexpected.  One day he was fine, the next he wasn't.  They had him at the vet where they discovered his kidneys were failing and within two days he was gone.  Having gone through putting Jazzy to sleep last year, I know how hard this is for everyone in their family.  Megan has two little girls who I've mentioned on here before when they came to visit last Thanksgiving.  Lucy is five days older than Georgia and Vivian is two and a half.  For the most part Vivian doesn't really get it.  They don't understand at that age.  Lucy, however, was beside herself about losing little Frankie.

I was on the phone with Megan on Tuesday.  I kept checking in with her to see how he was doing, because the vet was trying to flush out his kidneys to see if they could get him better.  Unfortunately, he was to far gone and things were looking bleak. They made plans to take him in on Wednesday morning to help him get to doggie heaven.  While I was on the phone with Megan, I heard Lucy in the background sobbing.  Now, keep in mind, hearing each others kids crying on the phone is a daily normal occurrence.  It's one of the only reasons I can really only talk to my sisters during the day.  There have been times where we are on the phone not talking to each other, but disciplining our kids at the same time.  It's actually kind of funny, and makes me thankful for my sisters and the fact that we can share our parenting experiences.

After hearing the crying in the background, I asked my sister what she was crying about.  Because, believe me, most of the time it's trivial, with any of our kids.  This time was different.   Megan informed me she had been upset on and off all day about Frankie dying.  For a moment Megan started to try and console Lucy as I listen on the phone near tears myself.  Lucy doesn't understand why Frankie has to die and Megan tries to explain to her that he's a dog and dogs don't live as long as humans do.

"But why?" Lucy wants to know.

"Because that's just how it is," Megan tells her.  "Humans live a lot longer than dogs.  We were hoping Frankie had more time with us, but he doesn't.  I know it's sad."

Lucy starts to cry again, but after about a minute she stops long enough to ask my sister a question,

"Is Vivian a human?"

Awwwwww!!!  She was worried about losing her little sister!  Or maybe she was hoping for it.  I can't be sure of which, but when Megan assured her that her sister was indeed human she seemed to be relieved.

It's so hard for our little ones to process losing something they love so much.  We had a difficult time with Sonya and then Lana last year after Jazz died.  The good thing about kids though, is they bounce back from it quicker than we do and in no time are asking for a new pet.

For Megan and her family that might take a while.  I should mention that losing their dog was just icing on a stress filled cake for them.  Megan's husband got a job transfer and even though it's only a couple hours from where they are now, they still have to sell their house, pack up and move within the next couple months.  This is something they were aware would happen, but Matt is already at his new job two hours away leaving my sister to play the role of single mother.  She also has to  ready the house to put on the market.  So losing the dog right now was the suckiest timing possible.  Life likes to do that though.  Make bad situations worse.  Kick us when we're down.   I only wish I lived near her so I could help her out with the kids, or the house or whatever.  I guess that was the point of this post.  She always reads my blog which I appreciate so much.  This is just my way to empathize with her and let her know, I am always her for her, even in shitty times.

I might not be able to be with you physically to help, but a good bitch session via phone with  a glass of wine will always do wonders! I love you little sissy.  Chin up!  Things will always get better.   

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