Tuesday, December 11, 2012

They Can Walk 500 Miles-Or Maybe 5

Last week we took our annual holiday trip to Disneyland.  As I've mentioned before, the only reason we can do this is because  our awesome friend Melinda works for Disney.  She gets us in for free.  If not for her the girls would never know Disneyland because we would have to mortgage our house to go there.  Seriously.  It's so incredibly expensive.  I don't know how anyone affords it.  Lucky for us we don't have to worry about it.  Well, for now anyway.  We always go during the week right after Thanksgiving because it's not yet busy.  This year, however, we decided to challenge ourselves.  After much debate, we went WITHOUT A STROLLER!!  AAAAAAAA!!!!

Why would I do this to myself you ask?  Because I like to torture myself and listen to my kids whine?  No, not really into that.  Truthfully, the girls are getting to big for the stroller.  I realized this when I took out our sit and stand to use a few weeks ago for the little girls.  Georgia was starting to look way to big for that front seat.  There are a few pet peeves I have in my life.  Anyone who knows me knows my biggest one is people who leave Christmas lights up outside WELL past Christmas.   The second thing that drives me nuts is seeing a kid with his knees up to his chin sitting in a stroller.  I don't care if your eight year old is tired of walking.  Maybe if he DID walk around instead of you pushing him all day while eating ice cream, we could cut down on childhood obesity in this country!  Seriously people!   Sorry-tangent.

So my youngest two are on that bubble of being too big.  We could have probably still gone once more with the stroller, but I kind of wanted to see if they could do it.  Sonya has been walking around Disney since she was four, so I figured Land and Georgia should be able to.  

I will be honest, I was worried.  Especially after our last trip to Disney back in August. You might remember that story when Lana had her major breakdown and having to walk to the park instead of taking the tram helped to contribute to her tantrum.  Plus, what were we going to do with all of our crap we stuff into the bottom of the stroller??  Well, we packed up a backpack and made Daddy carry it around.  That's what Daddy's are for right?  I mean after helping us create the kids, their other job is to carry stuff around amusement parks.  I'm pretty sure that's a rule somewhere.  I know it was for my Dad.  Who needs a stroller when you've got a Daddy?

The other worry was how long the girls were going to last without the stroller.  Would they get to tired to walk and start protesting? (Lana?)  Would they start  whining about it? (Lana?)  Would there be a tantrum? (LANA??)  Turns out, they all did just fine.  Yes, even Lana, for the most part.  Sonya had  no complaints at all, which is how I assumed she would be.  Lana kept up with us and didn't complain until the end of the day.  Even then her complaints were more funny than annoying.  We were getting ready to watch the fireworks and Lana was squatting on the ground saying,

"Ohhhh...I wish you brought the stroller!  My little legs can't walk anymore today!"  

I'm assuming I talked about their "little legs" at some point in the day. 

Georgia was probably the one who had the hardest time not having a stroller.  She had a bit of trouble keeping up.  Andy and I did have to pick her up a few times to carry her when we wanted to walk more than two miles an hour.  I don't remember her ever complaining about walking though.  I think the best part for the girls about not taking a stroller was that we finally got to take the tram.  Something I always hated doing with the stroller.  It always gave me anxiety to get everything from out of the bottom, carry it, the kids and fold up the stroller in a fairly quick time frame.  We would just always walk the half mile to the park from the parking structure.  This time they were so excited that we agreed to take the tram.  It was really another ride for them.  

So yes, we survived our first trip to Disney without a stroller.  A milestone that throughout the day made me say both of these things-"Haha!  Suckers with the strollers!"  and "Oh I'm so sad we don't have one that little for a stroller anymore."  I tend to be an emotional roller coaster when it comes to my kids growing up.  But you probably already get that by now.  

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Hollyhome said...

I am pretty certain Disney needs a BUTTON for the 1st No Stroller Disney Day :) Its sooo much easier...glad you had fun :)