Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pretty As As A Picture

You may have noticed I changed the picture of the girls on my blog.  It is one of the pictures from the wedding the girls were in back in October.  I love the way all the pictures turned out.  Courtney and  Mark's wedding photographer was amazing.  He had about three other people with him taking pictures. The result was awesome pictures you sometimes had no idea were even being taken.  His name is Mike Larson and if you are getting married or know someone getting married at a vineyard in California anytime soon, contact him immediately: http://www.mikelarson.com  Not only did he do an amazing job, but he was an incredibly nice guy.  He took a fabulous family picture of us as well as tons of great ones with the girls.  But you can judge for yourself:

Getting ready for their big debut.

With the blushing bride.


Loving sisters. (To bad it's not always like this.)

We are all smiling and looking at the camera!  This is not as easy as you would think.



So far so good...

Following in her sisters' footsteps...literally.
Might as well just dump all the petals now!

This is probably one of my favorite pictures of all time.
Followed by this one. This is what I was talking about, not knowing you were being captured.  Well Lana did.
Sonya REALLY wanted that bouquet.  I can't believe how well they captured this moment.  

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~Tara Tashjian said...

LOVE these photos of the girls!!!