Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Big Bang

Back in September, Lana started putting two barrettes in her hair that would hold her bangs back.  I asked her why she kept putting her bangs back like that.  Was she trying to not have any bangs like her sister?  Indeed she was.  She wanted to grow them out.  FUN! (For those of you who have never grown out a little girls bangs, that was meant to be sarcastic.)  Of course since she wanted to grow out her bangs,  GG decided she was in on that idea.  Double FUN!  Why not right?  Get the annyoningness out of the way at once.  

Now the only problem, besides being aggravated by growing out bangs, was they were a month away from being flower girls in the wedding.  So I decided to get them cut once more before the wedding because I was pretty sure Courtney didn't want two shaggy looking little girls walking down the aisle before her. 

I'm sure there are plenty of you out there who have done this with your kids, and you have not had any problems because once headbands or ponytails are in place in your child's hair they stay there.  For my kids they do not.   I will put barrettes or ponytails in their hair to keep the bangs out of their eyes every morning.  They go to school being able to see unobstructed.  By the time they get home, however, they look like this:  

Georgia is worse than Lana at keeping something in her hair, and her bangs are worse in terms of falling in her eyes.  It's all I can do to keep myself from taking the scissors and just cutting them myself. Sonya grew out her bangs around this age and it took a good six to nine months to get them to a point where they weren't driving me crazy anymore.  The funny thing is, they could care less if their hair is in their eyes.  Georgia just puts her head back, like in the picture, to see better.  

So I will continue to pin their hair back with whatever I can find and hope they get used to it until it's long enough to not worry about anymore.  Don't be surprised though if you come to this blog one day and find a picture of Georgia with very short, crooked bangs cut by yours truly.  

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