Friday, December 14, 2012

Terrible Tragedy

Usually I come on here to write stories about my girls being funny, sometimes annoying, or just silly.  Usually you come here to read my stories to laugh or empathize with me.  Even though I had a story in mind I was planning to write about, I just didn't feel that after today's horrific tragedy I could write something that seemed trivial right now.  Instead I want to say how much love my little girls, how incredible I think they are and how tight I am going to hug them  before going to bed tonight.  Sonya and Lana are both in elementary school, and never in my most terrible nightmares could I ever imagine something so scary happening at their school.  Mostly, I can't understand why someone would target such young children.  The whole thing makes no sense. 

I am so incredibly sorry for the moms and dads in Connecticut tonight that won't get to hug their babies again.  Especially ten days before Christmas.  Their lives are changed in a tragic way forever, and I pray I never  know the pain that they are going through.  My girls mean everything in the world to me, even the days they drive me the craziest.  I would no doubt fall apart if something that horrible ever happened to them.  My heart, thoughts, prayers, and tears go out to those parents who lost their little ones today.  In honor of their losses, I will try to have just a little more patience and spend a little more time with my three girls.  I encourage the rest of you to do the same with your own kids, nieces, nephews or grandchildren.  Make sure they always know how much you love them.

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