Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Most Craziest Time Of The Year!

Whew!  Where are we?  Did Christmas happen already?  Where the hell did this month go??  I've been caught up in a craze of present buying, cookie making, nutcracker show seeing, office and home partying, Santa visiting (at the mall and on a train), Disneylanding insanity for over a month now.  This is the first time I've sat down since Thanksgiving.  I wish I was kidding about that.  This time of the year gets so crazy for us, as I'm sure it does for everyone. Even though the day after Christmas used to be my most unhappy day of the year, when I was a kid, it has quickly moved to the top of the list as my favorite, because there is nothing I HAVE to do today!!  YIPEE!  Well, nothing that is, except catch up with all of you.  

Don't get me wrong, I had a great time with my family yesterday.  The girls loved all their gifts and played for hours.  They are all at such a great age for Christmas.  Although, I think we may lose Sonya in the belief of Santa by next year.  She started asking too many questions about him this year.  Questions that you only ask when you are trying to trip someone up in a lie.  Questions that I wish I could give you an example of right now, but my brain has become a sieve this past month.  Just trust me, she has been skeptical.  However, thanks to the NORAD Santa tracker on line, we kept her at least wanting to believe for one more year.  I remember being her age and thinking things didn't add up.  Things like why Santa and my parent had VERY similar writing.  I have tried to correct this by using cursive when I put Santa tags on their gifts.  I always print, so Sonya doesn't recognize my cursive.  We haven't had anymore questions, so she must be satisfied for now.  I am worried about next year though. Good thing I have eleven months before it will probably come up again.  

So all that planning and prepping, shopping and madness that led to one day this month, and then it's just over.  I remember being a kid and feeling like it took forever to get to Christmas and now it comes faster than I am ever ready for.  The good news is now, I can take a bit of a break for the next week.  My parents are coming on Friday to spend a few days with us, which will be helpful.  They are good with helping out with the kids which will be essential to my sanity during the girls' time off of school.  Then, who knows?  Maybe I will clean out closets and drawers that have been begging for organization for months now.  I do know that I will be able to come update more on here.  Something I have been seriously lacking lately, and I truly apologize.  See first paragraph for excuse.  

Thanks to all of you who come back here to read what I have to write.  I appreciate all of your support and especially your comments.  I hope everyone had as great a Christmas (or whatever holiday you may celebrate) as we did.  Hope your new year is filled with much joy and happiness. 

Now, I'm going to go take a nap.  

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