Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pretty As A...

One of the nice things about having the "special passes" at Disneyland was that we all got to ride something if we wanted to, even if the little kids weren't tall enough for some of them.  Half of us would go,while the other half would stay with the littles and then we'd switch.  Since we were always going in the fast pass lines, we were able to get through fairly quickly.

Even though Gracie is almost a whole year younger than Lana, she was about an inch taller and able to get on a few things like Star Tours and Big Thunder Mountain.  Poor Lana.  She's such a peanut, and will probably be 13 before she can ride Space Mountain.  She didn't really seem to care though, at least this time. Perhaps her next breakdown at Disneyland will be about that.

We all headed to Big Thunder Mountain and I took my two girls and Ben, who is only 2, and everyone else went to ride the coaster.  If it didn't take to long I would switch with them after they rode.  I think it took all of ten minutes from the time they entered the line.  When they came out my sister and her husband stayed with the kids who couldn't ride and the rest of us went.  

Gracie decided she wanted to ride with me. I think Gracie had a great time at our house because we have nothing but girl stuff all the time around here.  Grace is in the middle of her family and the only girl.  So she gets to always be the girly girl and doesn't have to fight over the pink bowl in her house, but she also doesn't have the amount of girly toys we do.  Still she gets to be the only princess in her house where my girls have to share that spotlight. Not that my sister and her husband treat her like she's a princess.  She just takes on that role herself as most little girls do.

Fortunately for her, she was tall enough for most of the rides, but just barely, so they kept measuring her when we got to the front of lines.  It was no different with this one.  We got up to the front and the "cast member" working the ride said to Grace,

"Come here princess, let me just make sure you're tall enough."

She was and we were pointed in the direction of our coaster.  As we were waiting for it to come, Gracie in all seriousness looked at me and asked,

"Hey Auntie Kristi! How did that lady know I was a princess?"

I giggled and told her, "I guess she could just tell."

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