Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Big Beds For The Little Girls

Oh hi!  No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth, or the face of the Internet.  I'm still here!  I just feel way out of schedule, because my sister, Beth, and her family came to visit for a week.  We had a fantastic time and yes I have stories, but I will have to get to those when I have more time.  For now I just wanted to give you quick post so you know I'm still here.  Hi!  Still here!  Just real quickly, here's what Andy and I did the weekend before my sister came:

That's right, we got the girls bunk beds and put them together ourselves. Crazy, I know, but  we are pretty kick ass in this house. The good news is we are still married after putting those things together!  It was touch and go there for a while.  Especially when we had to put the top bunk together. We had to try to hold on the guard rails with the bed rails at the same time while screwing it all together, without letting the other side fall out.  That was a bit tricky and there may have been a few mad rants, and some name calling, but we came out on the other side with the bed and our marriage still together.   Just to show you how much work it was, here is what they looked like when they came to us. 

Bed rails

The drawers

The beginning

Well...Anyway the girls were extremely excited for their new beds.  It even came with a trundle bed for Sonya to sleep in for when get company, so she got to try it out right away.  I have to say the quality of the beds is great.  They are solid wood, and very sturdy.  The price was even better, less than $700.  They came with stairs instead of a ladder, which I felt was a bit more safe, plus-PLUS those drawers... they are STORAGE!!  STORAGE I tell you! Who doesn't need more storage?? Especially when you live in a 1600 square foot house.
Lana liked helping with this part.  
So okay, I might like them more than the girls do.  They even have a great new furniture smell.  If you are looking for bunk beds, we got them on line at a place called  No, I did not get paid to advertise for them.  I wish.  I just think they have a really great product at a fantastic price.  They didn't charge shipping either.  Then as Andy and I got toward the end of putting the beds together, we noticed we were missing hardware pieces.  Nothing that would hurt the beds from being used.  They were for the railing for the stairs.  To be honest, I don't  know if they shorted us or we misplaced them.  I'm willing to bet it was the latter.  So I emailed the company and told them which parts we needed and within two days I received a package with the parts, plus extra.  

The top pain in the ass bunk.

Sonya's trundle
All of us are happy with this purchase, even though it did mean taking out the toddler beds and admitting completely that I have big kids now.  That part was a bit hard for both Andy and me.  My babies are all in big girl beds, making them big girls and not babies.  Sucks.  Then sometimes it doesn't.  Like when I remember that I don't change diapers, and they can all tell me what they are crying about.  Still, it's hard to face how fast they are growing up.  The only thing that helps is how very little and cute they look in those huge twin beds.  I know though that in a few years they will fill those up too.  Well, Georgia will at least.  

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