Monday, August 27, 2012

Feeling The Love, Or Not

Over the weekend I went down to Carlsbad to spend some quality girl/no kids time with BethAnnDoddKoehn.  We got our nails done, lounged around our hotel room and went to a fancy dinner.  Later that night we met up with some old friends from high school for drinks.  It was a fun night and I was glad to have the chance to get away and not play mommy for a few hours.  Something that is needed for every mom.  Thank goodness I have a great husband who has no problem with me going or taking care of the girls on his own.  Thanks babe!

The night before I left I told the girls I would be going away the next night,  just so they would get used to the idea.  Georgia started whining and crying about how she didn't want me to go.  Please stay here, I don't want you to go, why do you have to go?  These were the questions and requests I got from her.  Lately, every time I go out somewhere, even if it's to the grocery store alone, Georgia becomes whiny and clingy about me leaving.  I suppose it's just another bout of separation anxiety they go through at this age.  Eventually, I talked her down and by the time I left the next morning she seemed to be at peace with my absence for the day.  Lana, however, cried.  Usually she doesn't care, but for some reason on Saturday she did.  After I was gone and fun Daddy took over, nobody really cared though.

When I came back yesterday afternoon, everyone was happy to see me and told me all about their day.  Then, for the next two hours, Sonya and Lana proceeded to lose their minds and have complete breakdowns about various things.  Of course, they had been angels while I was away, but whatever they were holding in, they decided to let out with me around.  Thanks ladies!  Georgia didn't have a meltdown, but did get in trouble for lying to me.  Something she's been doing a lot of lately.  It seemed that perhaps coming home yesterday wasn't working for anyone.  I wasn't the only one who felt that way.

Last night at dinner, Georgia decided then was the best time to be honest.  Every night we do something with the kids to find out more about their day.  It actually something I stole from my favorite blogger Heather Hamilton at  I figure I should give her the credit.  Its great though, because the girls love doing it and we all find out something about every one's day.  We all go around the table and say what our most favorite, least favorite and most thankful parts of our day were.  Then a few weeks ago Andy added what you might be sorry for that day as well.  I like that one, because it gives everyone a chance to clear the air of any wrongdoings of the day.  We got to Georgia and she told us her favorite part of the day was going to breakfast that morning and her least favorite part was "Mommy coming home."

Wait.  What?

"Your LEAST favorite part of the day was me coming HOME?"  I asked kinda hurt.

"Yup!" She said with a smile.

"So you didn't want me to come home at all?"

"No," she replied still smiling.


I supposed everyone acting crazy upon my arrival made her rethink me being around.  Fine.  Beth, I'm coming back and staying for a week.  You in?  

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I'm toooooooootally in!