Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Last Friday, while I was getting dinner ready for FIVE kids, they were all playing in the living room. Things were going well and then Georgia said,

"Somting stinky!  I tink Vivian pooped!"

Then Sonya chimed in "Yeah, she pooped.  It stinks in here!"

Now, it's been almost a year since I've had to deal with a kid in diapers.  I know how they like to lie about their poop, at least mine did.  

"No, mother, I have no idea why I smell so badly. Pay no attention to that load in my diaper."

I don't know why they hated being changed.  So it was no surprise when I walked to Vivian and asked if she pooped and she gave me a flat out-"No."  Not believing her I checked her pants, but turns out she wasn't lying.  No poop.  Huh.  

"She didn't poop girls.  Maybe she just farted or something."

"Yeah, maybe," Georgia agreed.  

Then Sonya fessed up, "Actually, I farted."

"SONYA!"  I said.  "So you just blamed Vivian for you stinking up the room?"

"Yup!" She said, giggling.

It seems like she's practicing to be a grandfather.  


Tim Taylor said...

Which grandfather are you referring to? Hmmm?

Kristi said...

Why does it have to be just one? Perhaps both, or really all the grandfathers of the world, let's be honest.