Monday, November 7, 2011

Beauty School Drop Out

Saturday I was in and out of the house all day.  I took Sonya to a birthday party in the afternoon and Andy was in charge of the Wonder Twins.  He cleaned out the garage most of the day and the girls went in and out between helping him, and playing inside.  I did request that they not completely destroy the house that day, because I was having some girlfriends over later for a little party.  Well, it wasn't COMPLETELY a mess when I got home, but you know, they're still kids and he's still a husband who thinks dishes in the sink and crumbs on the counter is a cleaned up kitchen, so whatever.  I wasn't surprised to come home and find a piece of red construction paper cut up all over the living room rug.  No biggie since I had to vacuum anyway.  What I didn't see, while vacuuming, that was also cut on the floor was hair.  Hair belonging to one miss Georgia. 

I didn't notice GG's lovely new do until after she had a shower later in the evening.  She and Lana have the same type of hair.  It's curly and hard to manage, so it is not unusual for it to look unkempt most of the time no matter how often I brush it.  Her bangs can also look unruly from time to time.  I guess I just hadn't looked at her straight on, until she ran into the kitchen after Andy dried her hair.  My girlfriends were all over and we were into shopping for some jewelry, drinking wine and having a few appetizers.  Georgia came running out to show us all how wonderful her blown dry hair looked, when I realized something looked amiss with her bangs.  I thought perhaps they were just tucked up under some other hair, so I went to brush them down and fix them, only there were no bangs to brush down in that spot.  That's when I saw it.  A very distinct chunk of hair was missing.  

"Ummm, Georgia?  Did you cut your hair today?" I asked, my mind going immediately to the cut up pieces of red construction paper that had been strewn all over the living room rug. 

She looked at me a minute, then said, "Yeah."

"You cut your hair?  When, how...?" Never mind I'll got ask Andy. Maybe he had known about this, but had hoped I wouldn't notice.

I marched Georgia back to the bedroom where Andy and the other two girls were.  

"Did you see this?" I asked pointing to Georgia's bangs.

"What?" He asked.

"Look!  She cut her bangs!" I said.

", I didn't even notice that.  Huh, well they were playing with scissors today cutting up paper," he told me.

"Yes, I saw the red construction paper everywhere," I said, trying not to sound annoyed with him.

He continued, "So when I came in from the garage and saw them with the scissors and I took them away."

"Well she must have cut them before then," I concluded.  "Georgia, why did you cut your hair?" I asked, not really sure what kind of answer I expected from a three year old, but I felt I had to ask for some reason. That is when Lana stepped in with a big smile on her face and said,

"I did it!"

"What do you mean you did it?" I asked.

"I cut GG's hair?" She informed us, extremely pleased with herself.  

"LANA!  Why!?" Again, not sure what I expected, because she just kind of shrugged her shoulders at us.  I mean it's not like I haven't been through this before.  But at least Sonya had a reason for cutting her own hair.  Not a great reason, but a reason none the less.  

"Okay, well, no more scissors for either of you for two weeks," I told them.  I'm not really even sure they care about this punishment, but there is not really much more I can do.  It was way past the point of getting a time out.  I also can't figure out why Georgia said she was the one who did the cutting, when it was Lana.  Maybe she figured Lana gets in trouble enough, so she threw herself under the bus.  It's pretty nice of her considering how silly Lana made her look.  

I'm hoping at some point in the two weeks they will want to use scissors, and I will tell them no then maybe the punishment will make an impression, but  who knows?  This is one of those things that I think just about every kid does and in the long run, it really is harmless.  Although it did cause harm to our Christmas pictures this year.  I'm not sure where it is written, but somewhere it states: 

"If a child cuts their own hair or their siblings hair, you can be sure professional pictures of some kind are being taken in the time period before said hair grows back."

Yesterday morning were those pictures for us.  The Booster Club at Sonya's school was doing a fundraiser where you could get your family Christmas pictures taken. Our appointment was 11:30.  Not even 24 hours since the hair went missing.  So those of you receiving our Christmas card this year will see just how lovely Georgia's hair is.  At least it will be a fun memory and something to laugh at years down the road.  Here is a preview.

I'm going to go on a limb and say that perhaps Lana doesn't have a future career in hair, but then again, the short spiky bang look could come back in style.  I think I'm hiding all the scissors until the girls are twelve.  


Moomser said...

This is hilarious! And you can barely tell... your holiday pics will be quirky! I still remember when I did this to my own hair... I must have been 6 or 7 the night before my ballet recital...

cran said...

Your girls are beautiful, with or without all their hair! I'm sure you will have many more years of laughs--enjoy! And thanks for sharing.