Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bleep My Daughter Says

I remember when Sonya was about two I realized I had to start watching my potty mouth.  I did that by taking the REALLY bad words and turning them into what I thought were harmless words, like crap and damn. I found out, however, that those words coming out of a two year old don't really sound so good either.  So I had to learn to not say the harmless bad words as well.  This has been a bit harder for me and I tend to slip those in more often.  Hey- at least I'm not yelling "SHIT!" all the time.  Just times when I hit other cars.  

Anyway, I realized Georgia has started to pick up on some of not as bad, bad words.  Sometimes she even tries to correct me.  Last week I was in her bedroom cleaning up and I dropped something, stepped on something, or fell, who can remember?  I just know it called for a bad word of some sort, that I managed to turn into "Dammit" under my breath.  Upon hearing this, Georgia corrected me by saying,

"Mommy!  Don't say dammit, say bummers."

Now I'm not sure where she got the word "bummers" from, but it certainly is a better one to say.  So I told her she was right and I would try to use that one from now on.  I guess she doesn't feel the same way about one of my other favorite non-bad words.  Crap.

A couple nights ago, I was trying to get her to sleep.  She was the last one to go, of course, and we were on procrastination technique number two.  The -I have to pee-move.  I was in the kitchen and told her she could come to the bathroom.  She appeared in the doorway of the kitchen and looked and me.  Then a realization came to her and she said, 

"Oh CWAP!  We fogot to bush ow teeth!"

I had to take a deep breath to keep from laughing before I said to her, 

"First of all, we did indeed brush our teeth.  Second of all, please don't say crap.  That's not a nice word, okay?"

"Oh, okay," she said and ran to the bathroom.  

Damn it's hard for me to watch my mouth sometimes!  Oh I'm sorry.  I meant bummers.


Selena said...

When my kid was about a year old and not really talking, she found a book on my shelf called Worse than Watergate which has a picture of GW Bush and Cheney on the cover. I took it out of her hands and said something to her father along the lines of "an entire book about douchebags". I put the book away later and it was forgotten. Several weeks later, she pulled the same book off the shelf and got all excited and came running to me so proud to show me the "dooshag book!"

THAT was when I realized I had to watch what I said. Because even when you think they're not paying attention, they totally are.

Kristi said...

Oh Selena that's fantastic! I think you and I would get along splendidly!