Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Birthday Wishes

As I mentioned in my last post, Monday was my birthday.  I had quite a few people on my facebook wishing me well on my day of birth.  I also had some who said things like, "hope you have a relaxing day", or "hope you get spoiled", or "pampered".  These must be the people who do not read my blog.

Turns out my girls didn't much care that it was my birthday.  Not only were they not on their best behavior, but they seemed to be a bit on their worst behavior.  They were all a little crazy in the morning, running around, screaming and fighting, while Sonya was still here.  Then off she went to school and I was sure my morning would go a little better.  However, I forgot Lana was home. 

 Lana, who I swear is ruled by the moon as I've mentioned before, has been in crazy mode for about a week now.  And guess what was high in the sky on Sunday night?  So she's been a bit, um, challenging lately.  Monday seemed to be one of the worst days.  She cared not one bit that it was my birthday.  Unfortunately, if Lana is doing something wrong, you can pretty much count on Georgia following right behind.  She doesn't really think for herself right now. My fear is she will always go along with Lana's evil plans, but I'm hoping her more good natured attitude will take over at some point in her life.  It didn't happen on Monday, however.  

At first they seemed to calm down after Sonya left.  Maybe that was because I let them watch TV for a while.  I snuck off to my room to do a quick workout.  Usually, I don't do that on my birthday, but I was pretty sure I wouldn't be waking up early on Tuesday morning to do it, so figured I should take advantage of the time I had to workout, despite it being a day where calories don't count.  That's right, right? You can eat anything you want on your birthday and it doesn't count?  At least that's the way I've always known it to be.  

Anyhow-I was about ten minutes into my workout when the girls came running back, each of them with a 100 calorie snack bag they had snatched out of the pantry.  They wanted to know if they could have them.  I was feeling generous, so I allowed it, even though it was only 10 in the morning.  They ran back to their show and their snacks, where this kept them satisfied for at least fifteen minutes.  Then I heard them in the pantry again.  This time they ran back with individually wrapped chocolate mints.  Okay, I wasn't going to be THAT generous, so I told them no and took the chocolates away.  This did not please Lana and she proceeded to have a bit of a tantrum.  After a minute or two, she calmed herself down and went back to the living room, or so I thought.  

I came out of my room five minutes later to find Lana with scissors cutting open the wrapper of a NEW piece of chocolate.  She had already opened one chocolate, which was being eaten by Georgia as I entered the kitchen.  I immediately took Georgia's from her.  Then I wrestled the scissors and the second chocolate out of Lana's hand. From there she went to time out, where she screamed and cried all four minutes. 



Before getting her out of timeout, I took the child lock off the cabinet under the sink and put it on the pantry.  I think my kids are all at an age where they know better than to drink Cascade.  The chocolate in the pantry, however, is much more tempting and should probably be kept under lock and key.  

After I released Lana from the bathroom prison, she and Georgia went off to play in their room while I cleaned up the kitchen, because birthday or not it wasn't going to clean itself up.  Stupid kitchen. IT apparently didn't care about my birthday either.  Then, I decided to go to the bathroom and then take a shower.  It was one of those bathroom times, where I was trying to have peace.  Instead I listened to the pantry heist that was taking place in the kitchen. 

 First I heard a chair being dragged across the floor.  Then I heard the two of them talking in hushed voices.  Next was the sound of running feet down the hallway and into my bathroom that I was currently occupying.  It was Lana with that sneaky smile on her face. The one that makes me want to laugh, but I also know it means she's up to no good.  From behind her back she produced a package of peanut butter crackers.  

"I'm hungwy.  Can I have deese fo snack?"

"Where did you get those?" I demanded.

"Da pantwy," she told me like it was no big deal.

"But I put a lock on it," I said.

"Yeah, I got a chaya(chair) and took off da wock," once again telling me like it was just a matter of fact.

I gave her my "I'm not happy face" for a minute, she gave me a big "please mommy smile".  Then she said,

"Pweeessee can I have it!  I'm hungwy!!"

Now I know this is where I should have said no, taken it away from her and punished her again.   Truth was, I sorta admired her ingenuity and tenacity.  Plus I didn't feel like fighting with her again.  So I said, 

"Fine. You can have it, but you have to share with your sister.  You're lucky it's my birthday and I feel like being nice, but no more going in the pantry!"


So to all those people who wished me a relaxing, fun, easy day on my birthday, I appreciate the sentiment, but no I did NOT have that kind of day.  Then again, I never really expected to.  


Meg Drew said...

Happy Birthday Sis! Just wait until the girls are older and you can send them all to the mall for the day so you can have a relaxing day....

brenda said...

Because I read your blog, that's why I worte one of those comments! You need to be spoiled! You work and hard and deserve it!! So, manybe it didn't happen on your birthday, here's hoping for another day then!!

brenda said...

Yikes - sorry for the "typos" up there!!