Monday, October 18, 2010

A Window in Her Mouth

It finally happened!  Friday afternoon Sonya lost her first tooth.  You know, the one that's been lose for A MONTH AND A HALF now.  I had no idea teeth could take so long to come out from the first wiggle, but apparently they do.  It actually hadn't gotten much more lose since she discovered it until Thursday.  

After dinner, Sonya decided to eat a pear.  About half way through she came to me and told me her tooth felt more lose.  I tested it for myself and found that it was indeed moving more freely, and probably less than a day from coming out.  I grabbed a "magic tissue" (something my mom has used to get loose teeth out for us when we were kids, and for her first grade students now.)  Alas, the magic tissue wasn't ready to cast it's spell just yet.  Since we knew it would be soon, Sonya decided to get her note to the tooth fairy all prepared and ready to go.  This was her first draft.  

It reads: "Dear tooth fairy                                   I don't now
               hi I am wateing                                    yar name please put name
               for my tooth to come out. ps. I want
               makeup for my prize.
               From Sonya To tooth Fairy

Then we had the discussion AGAIN about how the tooth fairy does not bring prizes and toys, but money.  That's it.  Only money.  And not a ton of money, but maybe a dollar or so.  Then she told me about her friend Kimberly who got $20 when she lost two of her teeth from the tooth fairy.  TWENTY DOLLARS!!  I covered saying that if she lost two teeth at once she most likely had to have them pulled at the dentist office.  Since that hurts a lot, the tooth fairy probably gave her extra money for the pain.  Although it might have been cheaper to just give the kid a Vicodin, but whatever.  

I'm sorry, but I just can not justify giving this much money for a TOOTH!  I have three kids who will be all losing teeth around the same time.  What am I supposed to say to them when they have no money for college?

"Sorry we couldn't save for your college, honey.  We spent it all when you lost your teeth!"  

I'd love to get other opinions on this.  Anyone?

End of angry tangent.

Friday morning she woke up and we tried to pull it again, but it was still not coming out easily.  I didn't want to have to really pull hard.  I figured when it was time it would be an easy pull.  Sonya's not one for pain, so I wanted to go slow.  Later that day, when I picked her up from school, she came running to me,

"Mommy, Mommy!  Feel how loose my tooth is NOW!"

The little guy was hanging by a thread.  It was time.  

We got home and I grabbed one more magic tissue. Third time's a charm!  Sure enough, with one little pull out came by first baby's first baby tooth.  It was so tiny sitting there in the tissue.  It's funny how teeth look so much bigger in our mouths.  

"It's out!" I yelled.

She did a little squeal and then got a funny look on her face because she tasted the blood.  I told her not to worry, just rinse out her mouth a little and the bleeding would stop.  Then she ran to the mirror to see her new reflection.  Both Lana and Georgia were interested to see her mouth and little tooth too, so she showed everything off to them, with a big smile the whole time.  

We talked about where to put the tooth for the tooth fairy so it wouldn't get lost, and Sonya decided to write her a new note.  I told her I liked her note she wrote, but she insisted she needed a new one since she had asked for makeup in the other one and tooth fairy doesn't leave make up. So here is the second note that was left:

It read: "Dear tooth fairy hi I was 
            wateing for my tooth 
            to come out. From Sonya
            to tooth Fairy
                                                           can you pleas put your name"

First of all somewhere between the first and second note she figured out the correct spelling of "your".  That was pretty impressive.  The pictures are of the tooth fairy and teeth on rings, for some reason.  Not really sure what the tooth fairy is standing next to.  My friend Melinda suggested it looked like a Diaper Genie, but I don't really think the tooth fairy needs one of those, so who knows.  

That night Sonya was so excited to leave her tooth and the note out.  Andy and I were excited to find a name for the tooth fairy and leave some money behind.  After much discussion, we decided to give her two dollars, for her first tooth only, and a dollar afterward.  The tooth fairy explained this in the note she left for Sonya.  Tooth Fairy's name?  Well, Andy went on line to some kind of fairy name finder.  The kind where you put your name in and it it comes up with your fairy name.  After trying a few, we decided on:

Cerylia RainbowShimmer

Feel free to use it for your kids if they ask.  

The next morning when she woke up she came running out of her room waving the note and the money.  She was thrilled with her two dollars, and could have cared less that it wasn't twenty. 

Well, like I said, in the end Sonya didn't care what she got.  She was happy that the tooth fairy paid her a visit and that she got something. Andy also pointed out to her that even better than money, she made a friend.  Cerylia was so happy to have someone ask her name and she wrote a very nice note to Sonya. She seemed to take quite a liking to her.  Okay, okay I know she's a MADE UP friend, but Sonya doesn't know that...yet.  Hopefully, we have a least a year or two before she does.  Then she can be mad at us for making her tooth fairy cheap.  


Megan said...

cerylia rainbow shimmer??? ha! love it!!

Anonymous said...

I saw the below ad on your blog...ha!

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