Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stay At Home Fashionista

This morning I had a Doctor appointment with my OB.  Now before you start getting all crazy, no I am not pregnant AGAIN.  I was simply there for my yearly *ahem* girly exam.  You ladies know what I'm talking about.  Dad-ask Mom.  Anyway, I had our babysitter come over so that Andy could get to work on time.  That way I didn't have to worry about rushing home.  Now all of you women out there know these are not FUNTIMES!  appointments.  Yet, when I got in the car to go this morning I was excited.  I think just being in the car without orders of what to listen to for 45 minutes were making me a bit giddy.  It was even raining and I was looking forward to the drive to Beverly Hills.  For those of you not from Southern California, driving in the rain here is what driving in the snow is to the rest of the country.  People go nuts when it rains.  I always debate if I REALLY need to go anywhere if it's raining, because it's such a pain in the ass.  

Back to my aloneness.  I got to spend the time on the way to the Dr by myself and in the Dr office, by myself.  Oh, there have been times when one or ALL of the girls have been with me for such appointments, so this was a treat.  Then after my appointment I decided to go to the mall...BY MYSELF!  I felt like I was being bad,  but I was paying the sitter so who cares?  I did need to get some Clinique and since they were having their bonus time, this was perfect opportunity.  But then, THEN! I went and did a teensy bit of shopping.  See, I have these two gift cards from Macy's.  I got them for my birthday almost six months ago and since then I'm not sure I've even set foot in a Macy's and certainly not alone.  I refuse to ever go clothes shopping with the girls again, unless being held at gunpoint.  Have you ever clothes shopped with three kids?  DON'T!  So this was the perfect opportunity to try and update my wardrobe a bit, which I have to admit is looking very sad these days.  

When I got to the woman's floor, I was totally overwhelmed.  For about ten minutes I walked around not sure where to even start.  Then I decided that I now hated shopping. (My friend Melissa, just went into shock. ) I used to love it, but somewhere the tide had turned.  I almost walked out of there, empty handed.  The problem is I know nothing about what's fashionable anymore, and even if it is should a 36 year old mom be wearing it?  I didn't know.  I did manage to find a sales rack, which made me feel more at ease, and even found a few things to try on.  I kinda got my groove back, and decided that shopping wasn't so bad after all.  (Breathe, Melissa)  I did manage to use my gift cards on a couple cute tops, so it wasn't a waste.  

I think my biggest issue with trying to find new clothes is that I stay at home.  For the most part my uniform is T-shirts and jeans, or shorts and tank top in the summer.  But damn I get tired of wearing that!  I don't want to wear work attire either, because that's just not practical when you're trying to keep your two year old from finger painting on the wall.  Sometimes I will dress up a little more, but then I always feel like I'm one of those moms who is trying to hard.  You know like the women on "The Real Housewives of where ever".  I'm afraid I'm starting to exit the fashion train, but I don't want to.  I don't want to end up on "What Not To Wear" in sweats and an old Bon Jovi t-shirt, but that's what it's coming to! 

I guess what I'm saying is we stay at home moms need our own line of clothing.  Something practical, but not frumpy.  Fun, but not slutty.   I wish I had some fashion ability, but alas my creativity lies within writing and performing, not drawing and sewing.  I could consult though!  So if there is anyone out there with that ability, put some serious thought into a line for us moms who are at home most of the time.  We'd like to look cute too, while still being okay with a little spit up, or paint, or poop, or food spilling on us.  Oh and if your clothes could come with some free babysitting, that would entice us even more.  


Anonymous said...

We have a situation here.. I am a bit worried about you so here are some tips.. Rule #1.. Stay out of Jrs.. Clothes are kinda trampy and not made well. ( ignoring the fact that a 5-7 doesn't fit the way it once did). Rule #2 only shop the right side and back of the 2nd floor at the Bev Center Macys. To your left = $200 a shirt.... Not ideal... Ever. The impulse section... Yes, pricier than Jrs. but worth the extra money especially if you hit the sale rack. You absolutely can find non slutty, non frumpy, comfy, cute clothes. I will not refer to them as "cute mom clothes" because I do not believe those 3 words work well together. Xoxo

ps... No pumpkin, turkey or santa claus sweaters.

Allison @ Motherhood, WTF said...

I've given in to my daily jeans and t-shirt "style." After watching a What Not to Wear marathon, I did get myself some trouser jeans and a few nicer wrap tops, but I never, ever, ever, ever, ever wear them. Because I feel dressed up. Which just makes me feel like I look silly.

My lack of style only really hits when I have somewhere to go. The worst is a bachelorette party. I'm frumpy married mom, and everyone else is way hot and wearing modern clothes. My style sensibility seems to have frozen around 2006, (L was born in 2007) so I look a bit off when I try to dress up.

I support your cute mom clothes concept. Can't a girl find a fancy tank top that can be worn with a supportive bra?

Kristi said...

To Allison-hell yes with the fancy tank top! I can't wear tank tops unless I can wear a bra with them, seeing as my boobs just aren't what they once were. I agree too. I have fancier clothes that I never wear, because I too feel silly or like I'm "going somewhere" when I wear them. I guess after 6 years of dressing with jeans and T-shirts, I'm just sorta over it. Not to mention the fact that whenever I do where ANYTHING else, the girls always ask "where you going mom?" Obviously I only dress up when I go out.

Katie said...

Some stars must be aligned... I went to the mall by myself today too! And I said, "I'll be damned if I walk out of here with stuff for the kids and not myself!" I did end up buying 2 long sleeve tee's (boring, solid colors, but still!) a sweater (kind of hip) and these fantastic tummy slimming pants/jeans.... yes, I am in the market for these after 3 kids OMG! Totally know where you are coming from! Maybe you should have "appointments" more often!!!! hee hee.....