Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Working On Her Resume For PETA

Yesterday was mine and Andy's ninth anniversary.  Nine years!  Damn!  How did that happen?  What happened to time?  I mean when I was seven it seemed like Christmas took nine years to come every year.  Now every time I turn around we're celebrating the holidays.  I'm not liking this time moving so quickly thing.  Okay, that's not what I came here to talk about today, though.  Back to the anniversary.  

Andy and I decided to buy a couple of lobsters for our anniversary dinner instead of spending the money going out to dinner.  No, they are not the Maine Lobsters you get in Rhode Island in the middle of the summer, but they're actually pretty good.   A wee bit more expensive than the ones from the other coast, but eh, it was our anniversary.  

After I picked up Sonya from Girls Scouts yesterday, I stopped at the grocery store to buy the lobsters.  Every time we go to the grocery shopping the girls want to go over to the tank and see the lobsters, so the fact that we were actually going to take a couple out and bring them home was exciting for them.  Only, they didn't quite get what they were coming home for.  

We stood at the tank and picked out which ones we would get.  Then the Ralph's employee came over to wrangle them out of the tank and into a bag.  They were not so happy to go and each of them flipped their tail as the exited the water.  Lana and Sonya looked on a little frightened, but Georgia giggled and wanted to take more out.  After they were weighed and safely tucked in the going home bag, we went to the front to pay.  Then we headed out to the car to go home.  As I was buckling them in their seats, Lana asked me,

"What da yobsters for?"

"Well, they're for mommy and daddy to have for dinner.  For our anniversary." I told her as honestly as I could.  

"NO, but you not going to EAT DEM!  You get sick!" She insisted.

"Yes we are going to eat them, Lana.  They're yummy," I tried to tell her again.  

"No!  You just joking, mommy.  You get sick if you eat dem."  This went on for a bit.

 Then she said, "But they're for your ANNIVERSARY!"  I'm not really sure what that was supposed to mean.  I think she thought I bought them to keep them as pets or something.  A little present for Andy and I.  Perhaps they could be the new little dog.  Oh look she has a lobster in her purse!  How cute!!  Who knows what she thought?  I kept trying to tell her I was going to cook them for dinner,  she kept brushing me off saying, 

"No, you just joking!"  

I suppose I can see why she thought this, since Andy jokes about things quite often with the girls.  I mean why on earth would we want to eat giant bug looking things that came out of the water?  This is definitely something Andy would try to sell  them.  Then I realized that maybe she couldn't really put together the whole killing a live thing and eating it concept, even though we do eat meat and chicken in our family.  However, if she knew where those things came from, she might not anymore.  So I let it go and I finally said, 

"Okay, Lana, you're right.  We're just going to keep the lobsters."

Then she said, "So you gonna EAT DEM?"  

I can not win with that kid.  

P.S. They were delicious!  


Anonymous said...

Where were they from, Australia? Nothing is better than a Maine lobster if you ask me! But the real question is, who threw them into the pot???

Kristi said...

No they were from Canada, but they were soooo good. I threw in them in the pot. Andy was being a bit of a girly man about it.