Monday, October 4, 2010

Not What They Used To Be

Over the weekend I was in my closet putting my work out clothes on.  Lana was in there with me and asked me what drawer I kept my underwear in.  I showed her.  Then she started opening other drawers to see where my other clothing was kept.  Not sure why this interested her all of a sudden, but fine.  I didn't mind.  Then she opened the drawer where I kept my bras.  She turned around, looked at me and said,

"Is that where you keep your boobies??"

I smiled at her and  started to correct her to tell her that they are called bras, when I realized after having three kids, my bras ARE my boobs.  So yes Lana, that is where I keep my boobies.  Good thing you can buy such good ones at Victoria's Secret, because I certainly don't have the ten grand to buy permanent ones from the plastic surgeon.

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Anonymous said...

You can totally get new ones for like, 5 grand. Don't count it out just yet...