Friday, August 27, 2010

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

I had one of those mornings today where I thought, "Really? So THIS is how the day is going to go?"

There was not one story that stood out, just a bunch of little things like, the girls waking up at 6:15am when they didn't go to sleep until almost 8:45 last night. Thanks babysitter! Then I lost the little bag filled with Sonya's "box tops" fundraiser for school. They were on the counter one minute and gone the next. Sonya also couldn't find her watch, which she insisted I put somewhere, but for the life of me don't remember putting it anywhere. She got a rubber band VERY tangled into her hair. I came thisclose to cutting the rubber band, her hair or both. Both the hair incident and not finding the watch led to tears, mostly because she's so damn tired. Some of those tears stuck around as she walked out the door to school. Andy assured me she had calmed down by the time he dropped her off, but I'm pretty sure her day is going to include at least one more meltdown.

The little girls were being a bit neglected while I was dealing with getting Sonya out of the house. They were done with their breakfast and wanted down, but I had hair to untangle so they would have to wait. Lana got herself down, but GG was strapped in and decided to show her unhappiness by throwing fruit all over the floor. They also had gymnastics and nobody wanted to get their leotard on, mostly Lana. After wrestling with her for a few minutes I finally put her in time out to calm down. Not to mention calm me down. Unfortunately, this meant we arrived to gymnastics fifteen minutes late.

So yeah. Good morning! I felt like Alexander in the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. My only comfort is that it's Friday and we have a fairly low key weekend. And since it's Friday, I will allow myself some wine this evening. Or perhaps this afternoon. When is it to early to start drinking?

Lost and Found update: I found the baggie full of box tops. They somehow ended up in one of the kitchen drawers. Sonya's watch-I suddenly remembered her taking it off the other day and showing me she was putting it in a "safe place". Then I remembered where the safe place was and found the watch. So it looks like the WHOLE day won't be so bad after all! I guess I'll wait until 7 for my wine. Then again, I should probably reserve judgement until AFTER I pick Sonya up from school.

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