Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bedazzled Boogers

I totally forgot about this story until two nights ago, when Lana woke up in the middle of the night screaming about something in her nose. I guess she woke up and couldn't breathe so well, so she proceeded to just try and blow her nose into the air, with no tissue. When it didn't work, she got frustrated and yelled for me, waking me from my deep slumber at the fun hour of 2am. I managed to get her calmed down and booger free, before climbing back into bed next to my dozing husband who didn't even stir once during the whole ordeal, I might add. Why can men do that? There have been nights were every one of the girls have been up half a dozen times crying, and in our bed. The next morning he'll turn to me and say,

"How was everyone last night? Good?"

REALLY?! You can tell from the luggage under my eyes that maybe, NO, last night wasn't so great? He hears NOTHING.


Back to Lana. A few weeks ago when the in-laws were here, Lana came to me blowing her nose in the air yelling,

"Get it out! GET IT OUT!"

"What's wrong Lana? Calm down," I told her.

"Somting (blow) in my nose!!" She yelled.

"What? Do you have a booger stuck in there?" I mean that can be annoying. We've all been there, when that one dried booger is stuck to the upper inner part of your nose and you just can't seem to blow it out. I totally understood, but she seemed to be getting unreasonably upset. That, however, is not usually a red flag with her. She's three, which means she is like that due to the age, and because well, she's Lana, and she's like that due to her personality.

I quickly grabbed a tissue and made her blow.

"How's that?" I asked inspecting the tissue and seeing nothing significant.

She sniffed then said, "Noohohoh!! STILL THERE!"

"Okay, okay, calm down. Which side is it on?" I asked. She pointed to the left nostril. I put the tissue up to her nose and plugged the right nostril with my finger. Then I instructed her to blow as hard as she could. When she did I could tell it came out. Whew!

"Better?" I asked, as I inspected the tissue again.

"Uh-huh," nodding her head and looking relieved.

Then I realized there was no booger in the tissue. What was in there was not something her body put in her nose, but something she had put in her nose herself. I stared down at a tiny blue bead that was surrounded by mucus in the tissue.

"LANA!" I yelled. "Did you put this in your nose?!" I held the tissue with the bead for her to see.

She just looked up at me and smiled. Then I gave her a small lecture on how it is dangerous to put anything up her nose. I pointed to the fact that she almost got the blue bead stuck up there, and did she really want to go to the hospital and have to get lots of shots?? She shook her head no. I stopped the lecture there and let her go, because I figured she had learned her lesson anyway. The tiny bead had gotten stuck up there for a bit which scared her, so she wouldn't soon forget it.

Why on earth she put it up there in the first place, I have no idea. I am fairly certain she won't do it again. But then, she is Lana, so I guess I shouldn't make statements like that. You could see a story on here that eats those words in less than a month.

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