Monday, August 9, 2010

The Simple Requests of a Two Year Old

I have worked hard with all of my girls to teach them compassion, sympathy, empathy, and just general all around being nice. Sonya has always been a pretty sweet kid and somewhat cuddly. Lana tends to be a bit more tough, and has never been one to hold on to a hug the longest. She does, however, have her moments of sweetness and won't go to sleep without a goodnight hug and kiss. Georgia, on the other hand, is my all around- I want to cuddle, hug and kiss everyone- girl. It's just her nature. She is always walking up to one of us and kissing us on our cheek or arm or hand. This morning she kissed me on my nose as I was getting her dressed, then she said to me,

"I kiss you nose!"

Then I gobbled up both of her cheeks before I finished dressing her.

She also shows a lot of concern for me and what I'm doing. Most days at breakfast I'm standing at the counter eating my cereal and drinking my coffee, as I get breakfast for everyone else while unloading the dishwaher. It's called multitasking and at this point I'm quite efficiant at it. Some days Georgia will look at me bent over the counter shoveling food into my mouth. Then she'll point to the chair next to her and say,

"Mama, come seet dow ova heea."

When she says that to me I have no choice to stop what I'm doing, and go sit next to her to finish my meal. It's actually good, because it reminds me to slloooowwww dooowwwnn and try to enjoy the time I have with my girls. She's also the first one to say to me, "You okay, mama?" when it appears that I have hurt myself.

It really hit me how sympathatic she is, this past weekend, when I was helping her put shoes on to go outside. I was standing bent at the waist, which I've been told a hundred times by my husband not to do. I know, I know bend at the knees. Georgia must have thought the same thing, or that I looked uncomfortable bending over her because she patted the space on the floor beside her and said,

"Mommy, seet you booty dow white heea."

I let out a little giggle partially because of her request, but mostly because of the use of the word "booty". I immediately did as I was told and sat down next to her to finish putting on her shoes.

Even though I believe all of my girls will grow up to be kind, compassionate woman, I think Georgia will be the most sensitive of the three. She's certainly sensitive to my needs to sit down, even if I don't think about it. I know I've had a hand somewhat in making her this way, but I have to say at two years old, I'm sure most of it is just her personality. I love that she gives me these simple requests to keep me in the moment. I love that it's coming from her, the youngest, because it is so much harder for me to take the time out now. She hasn't gotten as much of me as Sonya or even Lana did. I guess it's her way of saying to me-

"Hey lady! Sit down and eat a bowl of cereal with us for crying out loud. We're not going to be this young forever!"

The fact of the matter is, it is ONLY five minutes out of my time cleaning the kitchen, but to them it's having breakfast with their mom. The kitchen isn't going anywhere, but eventually they are. Thank you for reminding me Georgia. I love how sweet you are. It makes eating your cheeks that much tastier.

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