Monday, March 8, 2010

To The Letter

For the past few months, Andy and I have been trying to get Lana to learn her letters. She doesn't learn by osmosis, like her sister does, apparently. We actually have to WORK with her to get her to learn something. People tell me this is normal, but I prefer the way Sonya did it, which was show her once or twice and she knows it. I know I shouldn't compare, and I'm not really. It just seems Lana doesn't really CARE to learn. Nonetheless, we are still trying to teach her. We have flash cards that we show her and test her when we feel like putting the energy into it, which to be honest, isn't nearly as often as it should be. Still, she does seem to be making some progress. She knows the three letters in her name no problem, and also a few random letters like 'O' and 'B'. Sometimes she'll recognize a letter on a sign I didn't even know she new, so it gives me faith that she's at least paying a little attention.

This morning I took her and Georgia to the grocery store for our weekly stock up. Sonya was at school, because I do everything in my power to not bring all three of them shopping. I can't even begin to tell you how nerve racking it is. I was getting Lana out of the car when she shouted out,


"What? Where?" I asked.

"Q" she said again, and pointed in the direction behind me.

I didn't know she knew this letter and was skeptical at first. Where would a Q be in a sign around the Ralph's parking lot? I spun around and saw where she was pointing. It was the side of the CVS, which is in the same parking lot, and indeed there was a Q in a word on the side of the building. She DID recognize a letter I didn't think she knew! She IS paying attention! I was so proud. Then I saw the word in which the Q resided...



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