Thursday, March 18, 2010

Solidifying Her Place as "The Easy One"

There's something that has been going on with one of my girls lately that I haven't written about on here. Mostly because I was afraid if I wrote about it, she'd stop doing it. I think it's okay to write about now, since its been a while. For the past two months Georgia, most days, has been pooping in the POTTY! THE POTTY! You know... the toilet. The thing that you flush the waste down and don't have to even THINK about cleaning a messy diaper. The place I STILL get no peace. That's right my friends, in that potty. I can't even begin to tell you how excited this makes me, and let me assure you this was not ANY of my doing.

During Lana's potty training a couple months ago, Georgia would sometimes tell me she wanted to go potty. Usually it was when Lana was going. I would oblige her, but most of the time she wouldn't do anything. I never pushed her, but when she asked to go, I'd put her on.

Then one day she said, "I poo-poo in pa-yee!"

This was in her seat during breakfast and she was making a face that told me even if she didn't get to the "pa-yee", she was going. So I gave it a try. Lo and behold, she did indeed go in the toilet. I made a big deal about it, gave her M&M's and sent her on her way. I was sure this was a one time deal, and I wouldn't give it another thought for at least a year, when she was closer to real potty training. Both her sisters did the same thing once her twice at her age. She decided to prove me wrong and beat then in the potty training game. The next day she said the same thing and we went through the same routine.

Now here we are two months later, and she has used the potty more than I've had to clean up a diaper. There have been some days where she's woken up from a nap with a dirty diaper, because she didn't tell me in time. Other times I didn't get to her soon enough as she was yelling for the potty, but for the most part, she is poop potty trained. And really isn't that the part we're really looking for anyway. As far as I'm concerned, I'll change pee diapers for the next two years if it means not cleaning anymore dirty ones.

I never really believed people when they said their kids potty trained all on their own, but now I understand. I guess the most obvious reason why, is because she watched Lana potty train and wanted to do the same thing. Lana was just a baby when Sonya potty trained so it was never the same. As it turns out, having babies REALLY close together DOES have it's advantages. Like the potty training each other! There's also the fact that soon they'll even be wearing the same size clothes. Then I'll only have more drawer and closet space! Oh the possibilities! I suppose it sort of makes up for the entire year of sleep I lost having a newborn and a 15 month old. Sort of.

So now, technically, I only have half a kid in diapers now. The light at the end of the Diaper Genie is burning oh so bright!



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Hey I have one more to train than you so it's totally fair! Plus you had it easy with Wyatt. For a boy he was a breeze. My sister had a hell of a time with Zach.