Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Big Head

I realized the other day that we may be giving Sonya a bit of an ego, in regards to how smart she is. She hears us talk to other people about her intelligence. Plus we tell her how smart she is on a regular basis, since it usually amazes us. So when I heard her toot her own horn, so to speak, one day last week, it kinda threw me off.

The girls were having their lunch, and I heard Sonya talking to Lana about things that were plain and things that had designs. She was trying to explain how there are some things that have different patterns on them and that was called a design. She used their place mats as examples. Then she said the chairs were just plain, and they are, they're just pine color wooden dining chairs. I think she used fashion as examples as well at one point. At first I was only half listening to this, but then I started to pay more attention. I was trying to figure out where she had heard something like this. I hadn't told her, but thought she may have learned it at school. It made sense because, they are learning about different modern artists lately. I know this since yesterday when she came home and told me,

"Andy Warhol had 25 cats and they were all named Sam. Why would he name them all the same thing? That's boring!"

I guess boring is one word for it. Anyway, I just assumed learning about things that were plain and things that had designs had to be from school, but I decided to ask anyway.

"Sonya where did you learn that from, about the designs and things?" I asked.

She looked right at me, cocked her head to the side, put her hand on her hip, and with a slight roll of her eyes said,

"Ya know, S-M-A-R-T," and yes she spelled it.

I do believe we've created a monster. A S-M-A-R-T monster, but a monster nonetheless.

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Deanna Oster said...

too funny...Anna uses the word BORING all the time...but she spells things out too now...