Friday, March 5, 2010


Lately, Georgia has been insistent on closing drawers, doors, closets, anything that is open. Sometimes this is cute, but sometimes it's a bit annoying, like when I'm looking for something IN the refrigerator and she's trying to close it. She'll walk into the kitchen and if a cabinet or drawer is open she'll say,

"I cose it."

Then she'll slam it shut. Today I realized she's starting to take it a bit too far when we went to pick up Sonya from school. On the walk back to our car, there was a woman sitting in the passenger side of her own car with the door open watching her daughter run around. Georgia saw the car door was open, walked over to it, and started to push it closed while saying,

"I cose it!"

"No, no Georgia. You don't need to close that lady's car door," I told her.

Thank goodness the woman found it funny that my daughter tried to close the car door on her feet. Georgia was a little worried about the door being open, as I pulled her away from the car. She continued to look back at it with a look that said, "Why is that door STILL OPEN?!" However, by the time we got to our own car she had forgotten about it.

This new obsession has given me a great idea on how to keep her occupied next time I need it. I'll just open every door and drawer in the kitchen and let her go at it. That should take up at LEAST 45 seconds. Okay, so it's not a huge time killer, but at least it's 45 seconds without whining.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Kristi. This is great. My first time here! I'll have to take a closer look around when I have time. Good stuff. :)

Kristi said...


Anonymous said...

Lulu is the same way. Except she just yells, "CLOSE". Maybe when we get them together they can open and close everything together!


brenda said...

Uncle David would be proud.