Friday, May 29, 2009

Diapers Were Made To Be Changed

This morning I almost made it out of the bathroom without any interruption, but alas little Lana came in to make sure THAT craziness didn't happen.  It was only for a moment and only to inform me "Mommy, I poop".  

"You pooped?" I asked her and she nodded her head yes.  "Then we gotta change your diaper," I told her.  

"NOOOOOO!" She yelled and ran out of the bathroom.  Why they do this I'll never know.  Sonya was the same way.  They either poop then lie about it when you ask them or they willingly tell you they pooped, but for the LOVE OF GOD do NOT change their diaper!!  Why would you want to sit in poop?  I don't understand it.  Even Georgia, lately, has put up quite a resistance anytime I try to change her.  She's constantly trying to roll over and sit up, which does not make cleaning a dirty butt very easy.  Although, I have heard that when they start to tell you about going in their diaper it could be a sign that they might potty train soon.  Only one child's diaper to change?  What will I do with all the extra time?  The possibilities are endless!!  

Anyway-I left the bathroom and went on the hunt for my poopy pants child.  She had run into Georgia's room where they had all been playing, and closed the door behind her to try and deter me as much as possible.  It reminded me of those shows where the thief is trying to get away and they knock over fruit carts or whatever else is in their way to slow down the cop chasing them.  This is pretty much what Lana was trying to do.  I opened the door to the room to find Lana running into the closet and closing the door.  They're not the smartest at this age when trying to avoid getting caught.  They always manage to corner themselves.  I opened the door and she screeched as I picked her up. I carried her to the changing table where I performed the horrible act of cleaning up her diaper and putting a dreadful new un-poopy one on her.  She proceeded to whine about it the whole time on the table, but as soon as the new one was in place she sat up happy and ready to play.  I looked at her and told her we could stop all this nonsense if she would just put the poop in the potty like a big girl.  She just looked back at me blankly and said,"I go pway now."

Yup-that one should be potty trained aaany day now.  

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